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Hail and well met!

iím relatively new to RP, and especially PbP (as in, never done PbP before). I started RP last September with Pathfinder in an IRL group, but it is disbanding for now, and I am looking for other alternatives. PbP sound interesting and fun, so here I am!

My most of my RP experience comes from Pathfinder, though I am now familiarizing myself with D&D 3.5e. I also have made my own Monster of the Week oneshot (and am familiar with the system), but never got it off the ground to play with anyone. After reading a bit on the forums, it seems like I should focus on learning the basics of PbP, before attempting to GM via post?

Iím a bit curious: Iíd like to read/lurk a campaign for a little bit, to get an idea of formatting. Is there a polite way to do this, or somewhere I should post to ask for that? Iíve been reading some of the forums for how to PbP, but itís still a bit confusing. Is it up to the GM to decide what kind of posting they would like to have in a game?


Hi there!

Every DM runs things a little differently, and obviously the system dictates some of that. I recommend being a reader in a few games (as you already have ) and playing in at least one before donning the DM hat.

The biggest thing to remember is that PbP moves glacially slow. Nature of the beast, very little to be done about it. So you need to learn to set your own expectations in order to not be disappointed by the speed.

Hop in forums on here and Discord, absorb info and don't be afraid to ask questions.
Looking forward to seeing you around!

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