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Band of Blades - Dark Military Fantasy

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Blades in the Dark

The Cinder King's Hordes March
IntroductionWell hello there! I'm Voth, a RPG addict and fan military fantasy of all sorts of genres and I'm looking for 3-4 Players to join me on an experimental adventure! I'm a fan of the Powered by Apocolypse system and Blades in the Dark in particular, so imagine my joy when I came across Band of Blades a Forged in the Dark hack of
Blades in the Dark
BitD that combined both my interests into one! If you are a fan of Glenn Cook's Black Company series, or Steven Erikson's Malazan series, I welcome you, because this game is right up your alley. But before we get into the nitty-gritty, a few advisories.

AdvisoriesWARNING: The nature and tone of Band of Blades will take us into potentially sensitive territory for some players. As the book states, "War is hell, and it's not heroes leading valiant charges. Soldiers often sleep in the mud, march large distances, and deal with starvation, and a relentless enemy that could end them at any time." The setting is grim, dark, and filled with horror and each player needs to be comfortable with these things before continuing any further. As per Myth-Weaver rules, we will be keeping things PG-13, but we may push those boundaries occasionally. If any player ever feels uncomfortable, I implore you to let me know so we can address your discomfort and continue making it an enjoyable experience for all.

Band of Blades is currently in it's beta test phase. The game is completely playable, start to finish, but there may be issues of balance, or certain aspects not completely fleshed out. I trust that between myself and you dedicated players, we will be able to work through any issues we may have and keep the game fun and engaging for everyone. Still, it's important to keep that in mind. We will NOT be updating the ruleset as it updates unless there is a major change or the players decide to do so.

Finally, due to the changes and sheer number of playbooks, it will be necessary for each player to have a copy of the Band of Blades rules found here. For many, this will be a deal breaker, and I entirely understand. The good news is that you can use the BitD SRD, found here, if you don't have the core BitD rulebook. My hope is that I will have 3-4 fellow RPG addicts out there who are willing to take a gamble and journey with me down this military adventure.

Interested, but on the fence? Let's talk about the setting! Remember that, much like BitD, the established setting of Band of Blades is just a skeleton. It's up to us to fill in all the fun fleshy bits.

And while we are here, let me outline the main differences in mechanics between BitD and Band of Blades.

Well that's it! That's my sales pitch. If you're still interested, the recruitment thread, where the character creation instructions are, is located here! Any general questions, comments, concerns can be voiced here or in the Recruitment OOC, whichever is more appropriate.

Happy gaming Weavers!

Game Description:

When humanity is in true peril (and affairs of the supernatural plague the world) the gods would create one or more Chosen. Powerful champions imbued with the aspect of the deity in question, they ride forth to vanquish mythic beasts, mend rifts in the world, and seal away curses. When the Cinder King rose in the West, an unheard-of nine Chosen arose. When they faced the Cinder King, five were Broken and turned to fight at his side. A desperate army was assembled by the remaining Chosen and led to fight a final decisive battle on the plains of Ettenmark.

Humanity lost. They did not expect the horrors the Broken brought to bear.

Now in retreat, a band of mercenaries seeks to survive and stem the tide of the Cinder King, hoping to buy time for the Eastern Kingdoms to mount some wild hope, some wild plan, to keep humanity alive.

"But little frog, I can swim."
Sweet! Glad to see someone else bought this book, though you beat me to the punch on starting a game of it! Guess that means I'll have to settle for making a character then.

Also +2 points for referencing malazan, about halfway through Deadhouse Gates at the moment and they definitely have the same tone as band of blades.

I'm glad to have found another fan so quickly! I'm sure if we find enough players, you can run your Campaign as well. I know I would be down to be a player in another Campaign.

I'm a big fan of Blades in the Dark, I've GM'd 17 Scores for a Crew of Assassins. I'd love to give Band of Blades a shot.

Welcome aboard!

As we are looking to get the game started with 4 players. I encourage anyone who is interested to apply with one of the three mandatory roles, Marshal, Commander or Quartermaster. Especially due to how new the system is, it will definitely increase your chances of getting in.

NOTE: The deadline for all applications will be this Sunday, June 24th.

Interested. Love The Black Company and Grimdark stuff. Will try to get an application in soon.

If you're on the fence, and looking for some reviews, I might direct you here!

You can also find an actual play series run by the creator himself on YouTube. That is located here!

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