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Newcomers, don't be shy, come and introduce yourself! Our members will be delighted to bring you into the fold.

New Site, New Friends!

New Site, New Friends!

Hi! I'm not exactly new to play-by-post games, but I've only ever been part of one that went on longer than a week before fizzling out. So I'm excited to see how this goes and maybe make some new friends along the way.

I'm most familiar with DnD 5e, but I've also played a few Powered by the Apocolypse games and I'm always looking to learn new systems. Recently heard about the Adventure Game Engine, so if anyone's played that I'd love to pick your brain about it.

A few things about me: I think too much, write too much, and want to talk all the time about characters - mine, yours, someone else's? Doesn't matter to me, just love to talk shop. Same goes for world-building. If ever you want to brainstorm or troubleshoot something you're writing, I would be happy to oblige.
I am a trained illustrator. You got something you want drawn or painted? I do commissions. Discounts if I like you well enough and I'm not drowning in bills.
I am willing to try games where we meet up at specific times or games where we commit to post at certain times throughout the week to keep it going. I can be patient. I can wait.

So yeah. That's me. Nice to meet ya and I look forward to getting in on some games!

Greetings @Forta-Ver! Welcome to the site.

Even though you have played PBP before, you may want to review the information found in the New to Play-by-Post thread, and the Myth-Weavers Site Rules.

Make sure to poke around the site a the other places, besides the Games & Ads. If you do decide to join other games, make sure you review the individual games' character creation guidelines, as many GMs will only allow certain options, and require additional information in your application.

5E is one of our more popular System, but PbtA has been getting a lot of attention; some Dungeon World, some City of Mists... there are actually a couple Apocalypse World games recruiting right now.

Get involved in conversations about game systems you know, ask about game systems you don't know about. Check out our Discord server...which is also a great place to meet up with people and see other games being posted. Most of all, have fun!!!

And BTW, I have an idea for a gaming product that will require an artist. I'd love to see your portfolio. Do you have someplace online where you display?

Thank you, @TatteredKing! I've been poking around and so far I'm liking the site; I'm learning a lot already.

As for gaming product, what are you working on? I do have a few places I post my work - I'm most active on Instagram lately but I still post things to deviantArt from time to time. I'm lexxarts on the former and Forta-Verity-Amity on the latter (sorry, can't post links yet).

Hello, welcome to the site. I’ve recently resurfaced here after lurking for a good, oooooo, 6 years or so so it’s always good to see a fellow new face here.

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