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Lost Lands: Adventurers in the Borderland Provinces

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Lost Lands: Adventurers in the Borderland Provinces

Lost Lands: Borderland Provinces - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e


Listen. For it whispers on all sides, like the sounding of water upon the rocks.
Watch. For it leaves its mark upon the face of the waters.
Consider. For there is much hidden below the quiet of still surfaces.
Prepare. For the tide of civilization stirs itself, and moves.

óInterpretation of the oracle of the teeth of the dead, conducted by the Priests of Jamboor in the Great Reliquary,
in accordance with the Twenty-seventh Cipher of the god, in the year 3509 of the Imperial Record.

What it is, and what it isn't.

Well it isn't a pre-written adventure, it isn't an adventure path, it isn't even homebrew... well not yet anyway. It is an idea. The idea that we can take a setting, like the Borderland Provinces that reside in the Lost Lands campaign setting by Frog God Games and turn it into a sandbox, a sandbox that builds a story around two things. Your character creation and the land around them. The story, the adventure, the entire game will be built around the characters. I will create content from existing Frog God Games material or create content based on the groupís decisions in game. On the fly, around what you and your fellow players want to do or where they want to go. The campaign has the most epic plot of them all. YOU. This is your story. Not the story of a grand dragon, or an ancient evil temple, or some massive dungeon. This story revolves and will evolve around your decisions. There are no rails. Not even an imprint of tracks. So, if that appeals to you? Keep reading.

Core Campaign Concepts
- Complete open sandbox play.
- No set "adventure path" to follow.
- Make your living and seek adventure the way you want to.
- Multiple plot hooks, non of which has to be followed to progress the story.
- Gritty exploration/survival/resource attrition.
- Pick your battles, not everything will be scaled to your level.
- Not everything will be defeatable.
- An adventure designed around the characters, not the other way around.

Changes to the 5e core mechanics.

Yes this is a 5e game, but there are changes from the core rules. The concept of the game world needed the 5e rules to be a little bit more grit than glamour, and it needed to have more magic mixed into the world than the default 5e is built for. So before you continue further, look over my house rules for this campaign and see if they fit with what you want out of a game, or are of a style that you can adapt to. You can find them by clicking the links below.

Still here? Well here are the basics.

Rules System: D&D 5e
Theme: Old-School Sandbox with Exploration and Adventure
Recruitment Ends: Wednesday, February 20th, 2019 at midnight CST
Players Needed: 10
Starting Level: 0
Posting Rate: 2-3 times a week.

Starting Hook

All characters will start from their place of birth, a city within the Amrin Estuary known as Eastgate. Each player will start out as a 0 level, acolyte, apprentice, helper, warrior in training, whatever you want to call it. You are just on the cuff of completing that training and you have decided to set foot on your first adventure.

You have hired on as a caravan guard for a merchant caravan that is making a run from Eastgate to the metropolis of Endhome, a journey that is about 650 miles away. Normally that journey would take a month to complete, however the merchant has chosen to cut several days off the journey by risking a trek through Fool's Pass to cut around and through the edge of the Dragonspire hills. The merchant's reasoning is he has perishable cargo that needs to make it to a particular trade ship before it leaves Endhome's harbor or all will be lost. To this end he was willing to hire extra protection, even if that protection is a group of novice caravan guards. It also doesn't hurt that novice guards come cheaper than experienced ones and he is hoping that by hiring ten of you that it will 'discourage' attacks along the way.

You hope the caravan master is right.


Here is the beginning of your tale, the beginning of your tale outside of your home city of Eastgate, the tale of your journey into the Borderland Provinces of the Lost Lands. And thus starts our adventure.

Got it! Now how do I apply?

Follow the instructions located HERE!

I have further questions, where do I ask them?

You may ask your questions in the application question and answers thread which is located HERE!

Final Thoughts!

GM Info: Hi there! It's Billy Watford. Iíve been GMing (DMing, Storytelling, what have you) for these last 30+ years (Or is it 32?), and gaming a touch longer. Iíve run what feels like hundreds of adventures via Paizo, WotC, TSR over the years and have currently many games running here on Myth-Weavers. While I do have multiple more campaigns running on other forums it seems that I do like the forums here the best.

My GMing style focuses more on what makes a good story, and less on things like exploiting the loopholes in rules to their fullest. I like characters that are cards to begin with, but I LOVE characters that develop over the course of a game. Donít make me deal with two-dimensional characters that have one annoying trait they exploit over and over, and I wonít have to make a tarrasque show up. Deal? Deal.

What kind of player am I NOT looking for?
Power Gamers (not sorry) and rules lawyers (really not sorry). Both will hate this game, 0-level start, no feats, no variant humans, no UA, and player skill over PC skill. Need I say more.

What kind of players AM I looking for?
Ooh, this one is good. I am not really looking for players at all. I am looking for a cast of characters. Iím looking for someone whoís committed to not only a good plot progression (characters or players that stifle the plot make me want to scream), but character development. I want to see your character grow into their role. I want to see selfish street rat become swashbuckling hero! I want to see bored pencil-pushing acolyte become punishing wrath of an angry god! LETíS DO THIS.

Iím also looking for people who can follow basic rules of grammar. That being said, I can be pretty lenient about mistakes. BUT...for the love of god, in a system like this, where you can edit minutes, days, weeks later...take a little pride.

Game Description:

Here is the beginning of your tale, the beginning of your tale outside of your home city of Eastgate, the tale of your journey into the Borderland Provinces of the Lost Lands.

Posting Status: Normal
Upcoming: Nothing
Oooh always interested in FGG stuff, I will try to get some time to put in an app, that is after I read the house rules.

This looks cool! I'll be reading more into it. Would the group of 10 be expected to stick together or are you imagining that they will splinter off into groups?

Originally Posted by Craigmacc View Post
This looks cool! I'll be reading more into it. Would the group of 10 be expected to stick together or are you imagining that they will splinter off into groups?
There will be 10 picked that will start with the caravan, as adventure hooks are offered I would imagine that they would begin to splinter into smaller groups of 3-5 naturally. Some will want to do one thing, others drawn elsewhere. When this happens we will form separate tables of players.

There is nothing in the game that will cause a direct split, but I am sure player's will want smaller groups due to splitting treasure, xp, etc. In fact there is nothing saying that single player can't split off (*highly ill advised) from the main group to seek adventure elsewhere.

*highly ill advised due to the deadly nature of the borderlands outside of a main city.

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