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A Brawl in Exandria...

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A Brawl in Exandria...

Exandria: The Brawlers' League - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

The Concept:

This is not a campaign in the usual sense. This is a Brawlers' league. So... there's going to be brawls. Hopefully epic ones.

My goal here is to create a competition setting (player vs player, team vs. team) set in the world of Critical Role. As you rise in the competition, so does your level and abilities. Victors in battle will get gold, Losers will get much less gold.

The competition will start with one on one competitions. In this setting, like classes will face off against like classes (IE: Fighters, Barbarians and Rogues will face off in one group while Bards, Hexblade Warlocks and Clerics will duke it out in another and Wizards, Warlocks and sorcerers will face off in another.

After the first round, teams will be formed and team competitions will begin.

Eventually this will culminate in a player vs player/team vs team battle where the winners get the spoils and losers might still be alive.

What am I looking for?

What I am looking for is people who want to have fun and are invested in their characters.

No, you don't need to be familiar with Critical Role to join this game. In fact I'm just looking for people who are interested in bashing some heads, casting some spells and then having IC interactions outside of the battles.

What I am NOT looking for are character clones of Vox Machina or the Mighty Nein. If you're coming in with a clone of Vax or Grog or anyone from Critical Role, I will ask you to revise your character. No NPC's from Critical Role either.

Finally I'm looking for players and I'm not putting a cap on the amount at this time. If you want to play? Then apply. The more the merrier. I'd like this to be a place where anyone can participate. I'd only put a cap on the amount of people playing if I get an overabundance of applications.

The application:
  • Create a thread here with the name, race and class of your character as the thread title.
  • Post a basic stat block with a link to your Mythweaver Character sheet. I don't care about formatting. If I can read it, it's fine.
  • A basic history of your character. We're not going to be digging deep into your backstory so this is all for you and anyone who wants to read your character history.

Application Deadline is 2/14/2019

Game Description:

Six years have passed since Vox Machina slew the Chroma Conclave, yet much of TalíDorei is already returning to prosperity. Major cities like Westruun and Emon are especially fortunate, for the vast amounts of wealth plundered from the dragonsí ancient hoards have allowed them to hire legions of arcanists to magically restore much of what was lost. TalíDorei is on the road to recovery, but all is not well. The newly-formed Republic of TalíDorei finds itself increasingly indebted to the mages who facilitated Emonís rebirth, and there is worry that the fledgling Republic will crumble under the pressure.

Amidst this turmoil, a disturbing new trend has begun which involves the increased activity of unauthorized fighting rings. With the economy still recovering, many mercenaries and warriors have sought money and glory in an illegal fighting ring known as The Brawlers' League.

As a fledgling adventurer of note, you have received a message inviting you to Kraghammer along with a mysterious gold coin from a mysterious and anonymous sponsor which will grant you entrance and enroll you into The Brawlers' League annual competition.

So are you up to the challenge? Inspiration is waiting. Rise up, don't think twice. Put your fate in your hands. Take a chance, roll the dice.

DCI: 4318735551

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Sounds fun Gumboy. I played in an arena campaign, some years back, with a similar concept. It was great fun! Will put something together for your review.

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