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Myth-Weavy Bizzare adventures!

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Myth-Weavy Bizzare adventures!

Big Trouble in Duwang - Forum

In short: Gestalt Spheres game with some plot to explain all the weird stuff thats about to be happening. You are one of the members of mafia family in a city which expands rapidly and is in the Urbanistic revolution. Your job is to bring success to your family and try not to die. The last part may be harder, considering some unknown yet events that might come up later...

Game Description:

The City of Duwang, the place of prosperity and the industrial revolution. The city of new hopes and new businesses. And some of them not being...perfectly legal? That's fine! The local gangs keep that market in a peaceful state. There is absolutely nothing to worry about...really. - Vicardio, after introducing new members to the Big Family.

Have you ever wanted to play in a quasi-magic-punk universe? In a game full of weird stuff, memes and weebs? In a game full of absurd combat and conspiration games, working on the edge of law? You didn't? Too bad. But please come anyway!

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