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Fate/Tenebrae: The Cycle of Corruption

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Fate/Tenebrae: The Cycle of Corruption

Fate: Tenebrae - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds 3e

The War for the Holy Grail is a dispute created and supervised by the Mages' Association and the Holy Church, it happens once every few decades, with the goal of electing a worthy magician to be granted a single wish, received by an omnipotent artifact.

You might have heard about it, you might dream about joining this war for pure altruistic reasons, to make the world a better place, to simply prevent an evil person from winning, or maybe you want power or knowledge for yourself. Maybe your family have tried in the past getting chosen to join this dispute, but they never got the chance, or when they did, they got easily defeated and your lineage never received another invite, not until today at least.

You've received an urgent letter, written by the head of the Mages' Association inviting you to join the war for the Holy Grail, strangely enough, you might have heard that a war was being held recently already. With the letter, was the address of a safe heaven near the city of Tokyo, the place you should move to with the most urgency if you accept the invitation.

As soon as you get there, an old small Church building, you'll receive your Command Seals and be recognized as a Master, being able to form a pact with a summoned Heroic Spirit, a legendary hero of another era, who'll fight by your side in the attempt to conquer the wish-granting artifact, but first, you must help the greedy mages cleaning up the mess caused by the previous war.

It seems that the city of Fuyuki has been completely destroyed by the last conflict and the same fate might fall upon Tokyo...


Ever wondered who would win in a direct battle between the likes of Alexander the Great against Genghis Khan, Siegfried versus King Arthur, or maybe Merlin against King Solomon?

Well, Fate is a franchise that offers this possibility, by pairing a modern magic user with a summoned legendary hero (real or myth), in order to fight a war against other mages and their own heroes to conquer the sacred chalice and get a wish granted.

It is a simple premise with lots ramifications and possibilities...

* For long-time fans of the Fate franchise a fair warning: I'm not going to use all the weird terms, convoluted explanations and mind bending concepts used in their various media. Let's try to keep it simple.


- What this game is about?
Modern age mages aided by summoned heroes of legend fighting against other legendary heroes (or villains) in order to have a wish granted.

- Where the game will take place?
In a modern-world fictitious version of Tokyo, but participants can be from anywhere around the world.

- How does the application process work?
The first ones that have finished their full applications will be approved as long as their characters fit in the setting. Players that show understanding of the franchise will also be prioritized. The GM might ask for a few adjustments as well.

- Can I submit my own MnM3e character I made for another game?
Regular MnM characters created for other games most likely won't fit, read the specific rules in the game's forum.

- How many players will be picked?
Minimum of 3, maximum of 6. I'm currently thinking on having 4 players, but I might take up to 6 if I really like the extra ones. New players might join in case someone quits/disappears as well, so even if you do not manage to send your full application in time, you might want to complete it.

- What's the expected posting rate?
Around 5 posts per week, possibly skipping players that take too long to post, especially during combat. If you do not show up to post during combat, expect your character to get hurt or even killed.

* Note to applying players: I fully expect to see strong builds for the Servants and I'll probably be favorable to approve these over weak ones (as long as they make sense for the chosen hero). That doesn't mean that I'll approve broken invincible characters though.

* Also Important: Do not mention the name of your chosen heroic spirit (the legendary hero) here, I'll try to emulate the animes/games feel by keeping their identities a secret at least in the beginning. Knowing your opponents' true names will also grant special bonuses against them.

Game Description:

The Corrupted Grail threatens to erase humanity itself which has been labeled as a plague after an unworthy Master had won the last conflict.

New Masters have been elected to stop the destruction, being aided by summoned Heroic Spirits of mankind, they'll have to unite forces and destroy the Corrupted Grail, but what then? Will the promise of a new vessel being generated after that, able to grant any wish to one Master, make them wait for the end of the current conflict until they become enemies, or will they try to eliminate the others before that, granting a safer path for their ambitions? Can they truly believe in what the Mages' Association told them, or is it all another manipulation attempt to make them do their dirty work?

The only thing they know for sure is, they'll have to fight if they want to see what the future holds for them.

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It's kinda late here, so maybe I'm missing something, but: What are the PLs? (The game planning thread says PL 6 for the Master and PL 10 for the Servant, but I just wanna be sure)

Also, the Grail War typically doesn't have any repeat Servant classes. Will you potentially be accepting duplicate Servant classes, if such a situation occurs?

Originally Posted by RavingScholar View Post
It's kinda late here, so maybe I'm missing something, but: What are the PLs? (The game planning thread says PL 6 for the Master and PL 10 for the Servant, but I just wanna be sure)

Also, the Grail War typically doesn't have any repeat Servant classes. Will you potentially be accepting duplicate Servant classes, if such a situation occurs?
Both of those questions are answered in the Rules and Applications threadgroup. PL6 for Masters, PL10 for Servants and...

Originally Posted by Darkwes View Post
Allowed classes for player character servants are: Saber, Lancer, Archer, Rider, Caster and Assassin. Only 1 servant of each class will be accepted. The GM might suggest to an applicant to alter his servant character's class to better fit the adventure or because another one of the same class is being chosen.

I suggest that you subscribe to the forum or something like that. I won't be approving readers since they can read private content.

Oh man. As someone who ran a Fate game with a bunch of NPC servants, I have many ideas. I havent looked at M&M3e in many years though, may have to relearn.


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