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Castle Spulzeer

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Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Father forgive me I have sinned,
I revenge,
Your devils on my back,
The viper strikes,
Its blood is black,
Though I forget what you did,
I count the days your lungs push air,
I've never hurt anyone,
I know it's time

Castle Spulzeer. Its reputation is one of foreboding horror. Within its walls countless atrocities have been committed and its many crumbling corridors are stained in the blood of those who have lost their lives within its haunted chambers. It was not always so, and indeed there are few across the length of Amn or Tethyr who are familiar with the name "Spulzeer". The reason for that is simplicity itself. Once, these halls were known under the moniker of Spellseer, and it was not always the desolate place of lonely dread that it is today.

Once, the Castle Spellseer was a stop not to be missed by any southbound caravan or free merchant. It was a place of peace and gaiety, and food and good ale. It was a place of happiness and celebration, where one could put aside the troubles of the road to rest in a safe haven.

Such times are gone now, and the Castle Spellseer is a name long lost to the past. Its decline is a long and painful story, one of lies, deceit and a descent into excess and debauchery. Where once it was a place of celebration and festivity, it became a castle stained in blood and misdeed. The travellers stopped coming, as fearful stories about the place began to spread across the self-styled "Land of Intrigue". Soon there were none but the Spulzeers themselves who walked the lonely corridors of their ancestral home.

And soon the Spulzeers themselves disappeared. Some say that they are long dead, others say that they still dwell within their ancestral home having long since turned away from the rest of Toril. They say that here, they dream of a time long gone, and of the glory they once wielded.

The truth is somewhere in-between and far, far more terrible.


While on my way to Eshpurta, whistling up a tune,
While on my way to Eshpurta, a red-haird damsel I did spy,
Her lips a smile, her hair aglow, her eyes as bright as the moon,
Saying, "Laddie, mine, won't you come nigh, the army here is wry,
I wouldn't care, but ye look sae fair, laddie don't go to town."

Welcome adventurer, to Eshpurta, a quiet town off a tributary of Lake Esmel in Amn. After your last adventure, a bit of relaxation is indeed both welcome and affordable. However, your hard-earned peace is about to dissipate. A chance encounter with a fortune-teller is about to send you on a two hundred mile journey across the Lands of Intrigue within Faerun. Whilst travelling through the towns and terrain, you will hear rumours and obtain clues about your true mission.

Your ultimate destination -- Castle Spulzeer, a once proud stronghold that has since become a den of terror.

Game Description:

Welcome to my tale of supernatural horror within the Lands of Faerun.

For any prospective applicant, I feel it important to know both what this game is and what it is not. This is, essentially, my guideline for running the game, and it will form the basis of what this game will become. Have a look through, and decide for yourselves whether this game is for you.

Castle Spulzeer is a game set in the Forgotten Realms setting in and about Amn and the Lands of Intrigue.

  • The game is set in the Year of the Shield (1367 DR).
  • Starting Level is Level 4.
  • Ability generation method will be Point Buy
  • Your characters will know each other and have adventured with each other prior to the game start. We will work out those connections with each other once selections have been made.
  • The game will be predominantly a story and role-play based game. Combat will be used sparingly, and only to further the story.
  • This game is a mystery with gothic horror undertones. You will not have a clear picture of what your objective is at the start of the game, but as you go further along you will slowly piece together the truth of the situation you are in and the place you are going to. Investigation based skills will be of great use to you here.
  • I will NEVER run a combat that is straight up "you face three goblins. Roll the dice, you hit for five damage." I feel that fantasy adventures are about the fantastical. They are about heroic escapades and thrilling escapes from certain death. I will be creative in my encounters and I will reward you for creative solutions to seemingly impossible situations.
  • This is a game predominantly for those who favour role-play and character interactions.
  • My aim is to provide you with a world that feels living and breathing. NPC's will be both deep and complex and they will provide meaningful interactions. Some may even journey with you...for a time at least. Events in this world WILL occur outwith your direct intervention.

This is a story about flawed characters who will not only embark on a journey across the length and breadth of Faerun, but also a journey of self-discovery. Leave room for character growth in your applications.

DnD 5e set in the time period of 3.5? I will definitely be submitting a character for this.

very interesting, I hope to have some time to make an app

just gotta figure out what to build

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