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Secure Weavers

Myth-Weavers is moving to HTTPS.

This is something that's a bit late in coming - I'd originally slated it for September - but is nonetheless important in the current climate.

I've already prepared the site for it, and it should be entirely usable at . I will be leaving both the HTTP and HTTPS versions of the site available until I'm satisfied that there are no breaking issues with HTTPS, and then I will begin redirecting HTTP requests to the HTTPS version.

Because so much of the site is user-generated content, we have a great many links to and images from non-HTTPS sites. I'll be reviewing some options regarding handling those, which may look like hiding non-secure images for guests until they explicitly request them, and a setting for members as to whether or not to display non-secure content by default.

Additionally, we will be cutting down the amount of logging that we do, and tightening up the window for which we hold on to logs from 4 weeks down to 2.

As always, we are committed to your security and privacy.

Some photobucket images don't appear to be loading when http is used but work with https. Other http images load fine despite the change but won't if you change them to https.

I'm not sure that's connected, photobucket has been hit or miss and mostly miss for the past few months.

all character sheets made public under http are now lost. Their hyperlinks stat http and not https which they now are.

Originally Posted by hotpanda40k View Post
all character sheets made public under http are now lost. Their hyperlinks stat http and not https which they now are.
I've tried some out and they all direct to https, so no broken links here. Have an example?

Majority of the application in this thread use to work prior to the migration and now no longer. Here are a few links to some of the character apps.

It also spills over into the same PbP IC thread under the links for each character's "Show Statbloc" spoiler. Once the spoiler opens click on the player name and heir character sheets are now lost. Not sure if this can be fixed but it is an issue that pre-migration pbp games will have to deal with.

All the hyperlinks to sheets that I clicked on in those threads resolved just fine. Might be on your end, hotpanda.

I'm not sure about the Statblock tags, as I don't use them myself, however the sheets that each of those threads link to still open just fine for me. Are you having trouble seeing them or editing them? And have you tried clearing your cache?

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