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Magical Girl Questionnaire

This looks quite fun, So I will throw my hat into the ring for magical girl funny business
.1. What kind of magical girl would you like to play? It doesn't matter how serious or funny the setting is, if I can play the magical girl equivalent of Simon or Kamina from Gurren Lagann, I'm in.

2. What kind of mundane setting would you prefer, eg. small town, city, big city, totally magical? Big city would be preferable, as I would like to have atleast some background on the streets if I was to make this character. Plus, a big city can offer up a whole lot of freedom of what's actually inside said city.

3. What kind of information about the setting would you like to know? General knowledge of how magical girls work, or generally speaking if people know about magical girls* (*or boys) and the stance on said individuals.

4. What is your preferred proportion of social life/fighting monsters/helping small animals in distress? Saving people and fighting bad people/monsters/goons is the usual thing I would want to do if I were to play in this game. Talking to people/Social life stuff can be boring quickly, unless this will somehow be a political magical girl game.

5. What power level do you think would be best? HIGH POWER ANIME NONSENSE.

I've made a forum for this game here. I'm not ready to start the game yet, though you are free to make an application. I'm still working out what information players should start with and am trying to get everything that should be visible in one place. Let me know if you think I am missing something.


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