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Black Powder Weapons

Black Powder Weapons

So got a question for the pros. It seems that every time I join a group or game of the more medieval or high medieval setting, the game very much cuts out the possible firearms that 5e actually has rules for in the DMs manual. I know most games have that Tolkienesque feel to it or some variation, but I know for myself I'd love a game that features Spanish squares and some of the early firearms that were around when gothic plate dominated the scene. Is it just the groups I've played with, or is there a general aversion to this, and why is that?

If you want firerarms more or less compatible with D&D 3.xx, and to a lesser extent/more fiddling, with D&D5, there's a Pathfinder book title Ultimate Combat where, among more or less interesting stuff, you can find rules for firearms anything from the early firlock harquebuses to the old west colt and winchester can be modelled with these rules.

The short answer is they do exist but they are less common. DnD is a traditional fantasy setting for the most part, and so I think you wouldn't expect there to be as many with guns. The rules being in the DM's guide also limits this, as many players won't own that.

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