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Co-DMs for a homebrew campaign?

Co-DMs for a homebrew campaign?

Hey guys, I have a nice campaign for D&D 3.4 with a well thought setting and a good plot, but I know myself and it's unlikely I'd be able to stick to it and DM it from start to finish. I actually tried to run this once and it fell flat on its face, but I really want to complete it cause I think it is a good story. SoI thought, why not get some help and run it together with some other DMs?

The campaign world resembles a mish mash of Thieves World, Warhammer Fantasy, Dark Sun and probably some other influences I could not identify.
Players are limited to low tier classes.
The plot is divided in 3 acts, each one raising the stakes. Each should occupy the players for roughly 3-4 level, carrying them from level 2 to around level 12-13.
As I said, the system is D&D 3.5, but with some work it could be ported to 5e.

If you like the idea and are interested in co-dming this, just write it down here so we can discuss it.

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