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Cini Kask

Name: Cini Kask
Race: Human
Class: jiriku's Remixed Monk
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 4'9"
Weight: 86 lb
Roles: Mobile melee skirmisher, scout, backup skillmonkey, debuffer

Background: Minor merchant's daughter bored with lessons and watching the shop looking for excitement who one day found a mentor who promised to unlock her inner power. As he was an old drunk spouting a line to separate a fool from her money, he was more surprised than anyone when the half-remembered platitudes he stole from a long-deceased friend actually seemed to work.

Over the next year or so Cini continued to pay him for lessons, turning to stealing things from the house and shop after her personal funds ran dry, until he told her that he had taught her all he could (which he had but he was more worried that his lies were becoming more obvious and that she'd finally catch on) and that she needed to seek out a new master.

Personality: Cini tends to leap into things, sometimes literally, without considering the consequences. She is headstrong, selfish, and a bit naive, and far too willing to use her fists to solve problems.

Life Goals: To escape the doldrum of the shop into a life of adventure. She's also pretty interested in continuing to hone her body into a weapon, and to explore the strange things her "ki" lets her do.

Appearance: A short, slim young woman wearing plain but sturdy clothes, her hands and arms covered in dark bandages worn like gloves. Her black hair is cut short, falling just above her shoulders and her eyes are light green. When out and about doing things she doesn't want to be seen doing (which is fairly often these days) she wears a loose vest with a hood to cover her face and break up her silhouette.

Strengths: Punching things, getting close to things so as to punch them, holding things still so that someone else can punch them. She's also a fair scout, skilled at going unnoticed, and has some small but developing skills at getting into places people don't want her to be.

Weaknesses: Things that cannot be punched, talking to people, being a dutiful daughter. Way more likely to sucker punch someone than most are comfortable with, though she considers that a strength.

We'd bedt avoid the legendary villain, "He Who Cannot Be Punched!"

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