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Part 1 An Unassuming Find


Erevan Laelithar
NG, Wood Elf Druid

Erevan squints into the sky trying to make out the flying creature as he pulls out his gnarled old bow. He carefully lines up a shot a few feet in front of the beast and lets the arrow fly.

Loar Brightrune
NG, Male Goliath Wizard
: 14/14 : 0 Conditions:
AC: 12 Saves: 3 | 2 | 2 | 4 | 1 | -1
: 9

Slots Available - 1st: 3/3

"Eh? Whats that sound?" Lumbering back to his feet, Loar slowly begins to ready himself.

Naivara Xistsrith
LN, Female Elf Fighter
HP: 20/20 | AC: 15 | Init: +3 | PP: 13 | Spd: 30 ft.
HD: 2/2 | Action Surge: 1/1 | Second Wind 1/1

"That's the sound of us not getting any sleep tonight."

Naivara jumped up with her bow in hand, as though it had never left. Grabbing an arrow from her pack, she followed the other elf's lead and fired on the flying creature.

Glory Shiazor
CG | Female | Tiefling | Rogue 1
AC 13 | HP 9/9 | Init +2 | Speed: 30

Glory looks around, as the conversation is abruptly ended, a confused "Wha?" escaping her lips as she stands.

Combat in the nightThe Kobolds shout something in
Git da old one
Draconic as they whirl their slings overhead. Hemlock however is quicker to react and closes the distance to the ground foes with rapiers flashing. Her first strike nearly connects, but the kobold manages to weave and dodge the blow. It wasn't so lucky with the second strike however and Hemlock's rapier runs through its the shoulder.

The third ground kobold lets two sling stones loose on Erevan; the first stone catches Erevan
6 bludgeoning damage
mid-thigh but the second stone just misses. He then moves up to Erevan.

Erevan takes aim at the foe in the sky but his arrow is deflected by the creature's armor.

The flying creature swoops in and drops a rock on Erevan's
5 bludgeoning damage
head. You can now see that it is another kobold but appears to have some sort of wings between its arms and legs.

Naivara, seizing the opportunity fires an arrow at the winged kobold. The arrow embeds itself into the creatures left leg and it yelps in pain.

The second kobold also fires two sling stones at Erevan; the first stone hits him in the
7 bludgeoning damage
gut but the second stone flies wide. It moves up to Erevan.

Ryn cracks his whip at one of the kobolds attacing Erevan, but misses.

The first kobold draws a shortsword and stabs at Hemlock twice. The first stab catches her in the gut, but the second strike misses.

Everyone is up!
The combat continues.

Hemlock Darthdale
NG, Female, Human, Fighter

AC 16 HP 4/13 Passive Perception 14 Second Wind: 1/1

Hemlock hisses in pain as the blade slices at her gut, her grimace of pain turns to a growl of war as she turns both her blades to seek out more blood of their own in retaliation.


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