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Legend of the Dragon's Rest -- Rerecruiting

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Legend of the Dragon's Rest -- Rerecruiting

Legend of the Dragon's Rest - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e

It had been decades by mortal standards since Exrian and Dacianau had been in the same place, and Loran found that he was nervous. Godshead mountain had been used for a multitude of sacraments and rituals since then, and Loran had patiently recorded each one. He knew how many virgins had been involved in the last dedication to Dacianau. He knew of all the ritual washing that had been done during the Exrian Knighthood ceremony. His order kept careful track of who asked to use the mountain and what they wished to use it for-- a process made possible only because they were dedicated to absolute secrecy. Their only job is to keep one group from interrupting the comings and goings of the others, and they were very sensitive to the timing needed for many of the rituals done in the names of one God or another.

Tonight, in the view of the mortals, was a sacred God day. His faithful had read the signs in the sky and had known that on the night after the blood moon that none should trespass on the holy ground that made up Godshead mountain. Loren stood patiently near the center of the clearing, directly in front of the dominating marble statue of the High Goddess Siela and staring at his own likeness directly across the circle from where he stood. To either side of his likeness, his twin children of magic were also carved into stone, with Jaise to his left and Velex to his right. The trio of neutrality and magic that Loren and his children represented were evenly spaced opposite the Lady Siela, accurately dividing the forces of good and evil also represented in the balancing circle.

The statues continue around the circle, with Exrian's likeness standing next to Jaise, followed by his two children Talin and Dhalus keeping silent watch in the space between their parents. Likewise, next to Velex and standing at the third point along the circle to keep the High Gods at equal distances from one another, Dacianau's statue stands with his two children, and Lyen and Rin'au completing the circle between their father and mother. Ten statues total, spread evenly around the open space that served as a ritual location for them all; a place where all, yet none could lay full claim.

Exrian steps out from behind his own likeness, matching the cold marble down to the clothes, though the white marble stone is unable to capture the steady, fierce spirit of the High God of Valor. He wears a suit of fullplate armor that is both beautiful and practical, and though the Gods have no need for weapons, he carries a series of swords on his person--a great sword strapped across his back, and a longsword sheathed at his waist.

Mirroring the arrival of his brother, Dacianau steps out from behind his statue as well. Where his brother is dressed for battle, however, Dacianau's appearance is much more inviting. His clothes are made of a finely spun satin that fits him perfectly and are clearly designed for comfort instead of function. His features are largely hidden by a vast cloak that he has casually drapped across his shoulders with the hood up, though he hasn't bothered to tie it in the front.

Loren offers them both a respectful bow, making no attempt to turn towards one or the other as he does so. "Thank you both for coming," he begins, knowing that their attention here will be fleeting, and he has much to share with them before they start into the inevitable bickering and fighting that always seems to occur at these 'family' gatherings. The two lords offer Loren little more than a cursory nod of their heads while their attention seems to lock instantly onto one another.

"I'll be brief, then," Loren states to the silence shared between them. "Our place among mortals is being threatened. The so called Gods of Old have stirred and already the influence of their power is upon the realm." That got their attention. Dacianau's eyes flicker to Loren's first as the Lord's lips pull into a tight lipped frown. Exrian's response is less subtle.

"We lacked the resolve to end this once before. Now we will pay the price of that negligence." the God states in a booming voice.

"It wasn't resolve we lacked, brother," Dacianau replies with a sultry hiss. "It was a stomach for measures you deemed beneath you that wasn't present in those days."

"Just because I wasn't willing to walk into the trap you were setting for me doesn't mean I couldn't stomach what needed to happen," Exrian snarls.

Loren sighs and steps back, making sure that he is fully clear of the ire being thrown between the two high Gods. His message had been delivered. Both Lords were aware of the danger that threatened them all, and in their own ways and their own times, that message would make its way to the rest of the family. Exrian and Dacianau would inform their faithful children just as Loren would do the same with his own, just as Seila had done with him. He bows again as the two possible fathers Loren had shifted from mere words to full blows, then leaves Godshead mountain to the fraternal feud.

Twenty miles below, at the base of the Godshead mountain, Loren's faithful scribes join most of the local townsfolk outside, risking the stinging rain and howling winds to catch a glimpse of the awing sight happening at the mountain top. Lightning and thunder coalesce along the ridge where no one travels without good reason, and many utter swift prayers to their deity of choice at the sheer power being displayed.

This is a Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 campaign set in the world of Salidor, which is of my own making. Information about the setting can be found here. Characters will be starting at fifth level, and many of the details for the actual crunchie numbers can be found here. The first post of that thread will be constantly updated with anything that I actually rule out for this game, so check there first before asking about any particular class, race, etc.

I'm fairly knowledgeable about DnD, but there are a LOT of sources out there, and I can't claim to know them all or probably even half of them as well as I should. For that reason, I haven't actually ruled out anything to start, but EVERYTHING that isn't out of the PHB or DMG needs GM approval. Provide links to the class/race/equipment that you are asking about so that I can review it and give you a yes or no before you get too attached to an idea.

What I'm looking for
I'm a fan of characters, not stats with names. If your background is only there to justify the stats you put to a page, you're not likely to get in to this game. That said, I know that sometimes fantastic character concepts just seem to grab a prestige class or base class build and latch on for dear life, which is why I'm starting with such an open forum. The better developed your idea is, the more likely I am going to approve of a class that just seems to meld with a concept.

I'm giving fair warning now: I'm primarily a freeform player here on the weave. I'm looking for more than just your average two sentence post most of the time. Sometimes one sentence is all you need to say, and that's fine, but I'm asking for players that are going to put the effort into others really getting what your character is doing. You can say a whole lot with basic movements of the body without actually saying anything. Give the other players something to work with so that the game continues to flow. SPELLING AND GRAMMAR ARE IMPORTANT. Proofread your backgrounds before giving me a finished product, as it will reflect how favorably I look upon your character.

Getting started
First, please express interest here. If there are initial questions about class or race information, this is a good place to start that, but be sure to have a look at the forum for things that have already been disapproved.

Second, get the basics of your character down following the following process:
Applications should be placed in this folder with the character's name as the title of the thread. Your first post should include the following information:

Organization or God affiliations (if any)- this is a great way to start getting integrated into my setting
Background-give me something to work with, here. There is a lot of world information in the game forum. If what I have doesn't quite fit with what you have in mind, present something that may mesh with what I have and I'll consider incorporating it. I don't need a fifty page novel, but please give me enough to get a sense for your character.
Your reason(s) for adventuring- You will be starting in the city of Targus in order to join with the other players when they arrive, and I will be working with the selected applicant on what has been going on their prior to the time that the party arrives so that we can have a relatively seemless add in to the group. Therefor, this particular section needs to be rather fluid, but if you have a reason you would like to propose as to why you're there, please include it in this place.

I will be taking only one or two players to supplement the group I already have. This will be a combination of a full healer plus one other of any variety, or two partial healers (such as druids, rangers, paladins etc that have some healing capacity). Applications will need to have been started by April 21st, with the expectation of completing them by April 30th. I'll make my final selection in the beginning of May.

Current Party
Currently, the party is comprised of:
A warrior with affiliations to Talin
A mage with affiliations to the Order of the Stars and Jaise
A warrior with affiliations to Loran
A sneak with affiliations to Loran/Lyen and the Black Dragons
A warrior with affiliations to Exrian and the Exrian Knights

These are very broad categorizations, but should get the basics across.
Game Pacing
This game is not exceptionally fast paced. We've had several periods with limited to no posting due to my life schedule. Recently, we've settled into a decent rhythm that I hope to be able to stick with, but there is always the chance of downtime, which I try to communicate when at all possible. The players that I have now have proven to be in this for the long haul, and I will be soliciting their opinions when I get closer to the selection date.

Game Description:

Peace has reigned for thousands of years. Borders have long been established and remain the same as they have for generations. There is not a single person alive that remembers the feuds and wars that molded the land into what it is today. The old Gods have been forgotten--if they ever existed to begin with-- and the Pantheon known to the world have been known to walk among their chosen, though few can boast as to having actually met them.

Dragons are creatures of myth, either extinct or simply creations of long forgotten ancestors as stories to tell their children at night. Humanity thrives, and the shortest living race claims a majority of the world. They build cities and structures of beauty and destruction. The elves tend to prefer the quiet of their woodland homes, though they are always eager and willing to trade with and visit the human lands to study the erratic and energetic activities of the people found there.

But something is stirring; something long forgotten has grown restless in slumber and dreams of overturning the world. Things better left to the depths of forgotten history draw breath anew, and life as it is known for everyone from king to peasant is about to change.

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LAST DAY to start applications. Anything with a post time past midnight tonight (EST) will not be considered, no matter how good it is.

I'll look forward to seeing the final set of applications!

Keep in mind that Chase is giving everyone a while after this deadline to actually finish the application. You just have to start it in... another 3ish hours!


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