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Hello! New (experienced) player looking for PF/5e/SWFFG games!

Hello! New (experienced) player looking for PF/5e/SWFFG games!

Greetings all! I'm returning to the Weave after a...gosh 7 year absence? Time flies. Anyway, due to certain circumstances I'm having a hard time finding local games so the thought occurred to me to try here again! I've been playing tabletop games of some variety or other for about 10 years so I pick even unfamiliar things up pretty quickly.

I'm currently looking to join a game or two in any of the following systems:

- D&D 5e
- D&D 3.5e
- Star Wars FFG
- Pathfinder

(Also would be willing to try anything based on play testing for Star Trek Adventures or VtM 5e if those are around.)

I'm always willing to join existing games, so if anyone out there needs a replacement player feel free to let me know! PbP is not new to me, though it might take me a second to remember how everything works on here again.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope to talk to y'all soon! Peace!

Welcome aboard! Lots of 3.5, 5e and PF games going on right now, and several recruiting. Head over to Games and Ads to see what is recruiting. If you don't see something that interests you, you can post what youa re looking for in Game Planning and see if others are interested as well.

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