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Adding sheet to Dropdown

Adding sheet to Dropdown

Apparently, I am unable to select the sheet from the Sheets page before picking the Send to Folder option. I know others can do it, which just further frustates me.

Here is the sheet.

Someone please help?

Help, how?

Some idea what you think is not happening or what steps you are following? What browser?

I'm not aware selecting sheets is an issue in any browser but I could be wrong, have forgotten or nobody has reported it before. Either way, the site does not support IE yet so, if that is what you've used, what happens if you try it in a standards compliant browser?

As I read other threads on this section, I had assumed that IE 7 (or 8, I can't remember which version I am on) is still not on that list of supported browser. :P
Anyway, thanks for your attempt to help.

My problem is that I can't get the sheet of choice to be highlighted, as others claim to happen when they clicked on 'anywhere that is not a clickable link'. Hope that helps your bug list.

Urgh, switching browser is not what I call an easy solution... Attempting to install FireFox. I hope this doesn't end with some kind of internal clash of anti-programs inside my laptop. [/sarcasm]

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