[4e] X-Crawl: The Extreme Sports Dungeoncrawl (call your local Pay-Per-View provider)

Yeah, I like the flavor of mid-low Paragon for this game as well (level 12 could work great I think). Just enough to pull off impressive Action Point effects and get some nice Paragon Path abilities running.

Techno's idea is good, but a little bit, uh, involved. There is already plenty of fun (complex) things to keep track of at the Paragon tier of play, and individual scores that shift round to round is a little more than is necessary IMO. I would rather prefer that Fan Favor/Heat be trackable by large and distinct tiers, and that only major shifts in momentum should be kept track of (ie. 1/day Signature Move, maybe 1/encounter Overkill bonus [these are the Individual boosts] then 2/encounter Combo Attacks, 1/day Crowd Control from each player [for the Team]). All of these would be subject to a simple Hit/Miss target roll/attack rolls of powers.

If it was lower level I would contemplate a more complex system, I think.

Originally Posted by Overkill View Post
Peaked, as in there is no more interest, or piqued it, as in it raised your interest?
Because I am not a big fan of 4ED, mainly because I have never had the chance to play!

But the Xcrawl idea sounds great. I wanted to give it a shot in 3.5 but instead I played in other Goodman Games modules, which are all good, and in one case excellent, throwback hack 'n slash adventures.

So I would love to play and give my dusty 70 dollar box set a workout finally.

Originally Posted by Magentawolf View Post
If you're interested, Dragon #368 has rules for playing to the crowd in 4e gladiatorial games.
Good catch Magenta, but they're not particularly what I had in mind. The Gladiator article is about the crowd as a locational Hazard in an open-air arena. In X-Crawl I have difficulty seeing fans managing to get into the highly controlled Arena-Dungeons that are the typical order of the day... and would rather it be more psychological in effect, as well as be more than "just another Skill Challenge" in it's swing mechanics. Techno had it right when he described it as Heat: half of it is crowd noise, the other half is personal adrenaline rush and momentum, making it a bit more abstract then simple Fan Favor as I originally described it.

This looks awesome.

Here's an idea for primal characters: Perhaps there are some tribes who view this competition as a "rite-of-passage" in modern times when their old traditions are beginning to grow outdated (at least in the eyes of the rest of the world). Thus, the young men and women who've cultivated fame in the competition can return as adults to their tribe.

I can picture this..

Opening Theme: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3y...theme-so_music
Players Enter/Introductions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXaZmY52gHM
Enemies Enter/First Encounter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAxb72cssGE
Tenth Encounter (suddenly the home team appear to be the underdogs!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhTRhAX_QBA
VICTORY! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsUdZrG1Fpo

This is too stupid NOT to be awesome. I'm totally in.

If this gets enough interest to get rolling, friggen dibs on the bard babies. I work for my fans, know what I mean?

My advice for doing it just right, would be to start lv1. Each Crawl as a 10 encounter "game".

Lvs1-8: A full season of College Crawl playing for the party's Alma Mater.
Lv9- The Conference Championship Game (against your rival school of course)
Lv10- The National Championship Game (against the #1 ranked team in the nation of course)
-If the players did well enough, they survived so they must have, it's off to the draft and Crawling Pro!
Lv11-20 - The NDCL Pro Season
Lv21-29- The NDCL Playoffs
Lv30- The Supercrawl!

Heh... college X-Crawl. Now there's an interesting idea.

Even more interesting one? College X-Crawl scholarships.


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