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[4e] X-Crawl: The Extreme Sports Dungeoncrawl (call your local Pay-Per-View provider)

College X-Crawl is an interesting idea, it sounds like it would be more middle-Heroic tier though. That would remove some of the Action Point glitz and Paragon Path powers though, which I pictured as adding a good cinematic quality to the Crawls. Less room for wackier character/dungeon/monster ideas too. But if that's what people want through general consensus then I'd do it.

I look forward to seeing the character concepts that will arise from this. There had better be tons of thinly-veiled celebrity athlete/wrestler/etc. caricatures, or I will be upset! One interesting thing somebody could do is take a Bard character and make him/her a Crawl Rocker, swapping those lame Sword proficiencies for a selection of sweet (ahem) "Axes" that double as bard implements. Other alternate class features and Items I am working on include Powered armor magic enhancements and an "Athlete" Fighter build with more skill proficiencies.

Other ideas?

A preview of the things I'm cooking up:

Alternate Class Feature: All-Star Athlete

You may choose this option in place of the Fighter Weapon Talent feature. Add the following to your class skill list: Acrobatics, Bluff, and Diplomacy. You gain training in 2 additional Class Skills at 1st level. Whenever you wear Scale armor, you incur no speed penalty.

Alternate Class Feature: Crawl Rocker

Swap all of your melee Weapon proficiencies for the following: Simple weapons, Battleaxe, Greataxe. Whenever you wield any "Axe" in two hands, you gain a +1 bonus to any Bard attack power effect that keys off of your Constitution modifier.

Bard Axe enhancements are on their way... I think my favorites so far are the Axe of Head-Splitting Distortion and the Glamorous Axe. I intend to cover some ground with regards to genre

Saw that you need some input on the primal classes. I could see these guys as the juicers of the group, pumping themselves full of steroids, gene splicers, and adding experimental parts to them selves.
Barbarians are obviously the roid poppers-quick to anger, huge, and o so strong.
Druids could be the gene splicers or attach animal like parts to themselves. Kinda like The Pack from Gargoyles.
I haven't really thought of anything for the shamans
For Wardens I defiantly see them adding extra limbs and other experimental things.

Thanks for the advice Twen. I kind of like that angle actually... in keeping with the ever-so-Holy Divine classes being entirely subverted into being corporate sell-outs, making the "Primal" classes into un-natural biologically tampered freaks is... pleasingly subversive.

I'm still very interested in giving this game a go, I just need my whole cross-state move to settle down IRL a bit before I'm ready to commit to another game on here (although plenty of people have seen me return to standard duties in my other games). Maybe a rough timeline of a couple-to-three weeks and I'll have brain-stormed enough to feel good with a recruitment thread, if we still have people still into the concept. Further submissions of ideas/overall interest and support helps as usual.

Is there anything in particular that could use some more brainstorming?

Originally Posted by twen5 View Post
Is there anything in particular that could use some more brainstorming?
Well, basically DM encounter stuff. I already have a lot of 'images' in my head: the ideas for a couple of interesting twists on classic monster themes in order to create opposing Crawl teams, the twisting, ridiculously hazardous nature of the Crawl Arenas (basically Legends of the Hidden Temple on speed meets American Gladiator on crack, then they have a really messed up kid who happens to be into that whole "Medieval-Goth" thing), the giant mid-course "Cage Matches" that close around innocuous-seeming areas and then launch you into solo combat against freakish "Celebrity Monster" opponents... etc.

It's all stuff that needs to be put together in a tight manner before-hand though, as I want to have plenty of good maps prepared, as well as more than a couple of custom monster-squads with accompanying Traps/Terrain. The challenge is something that I will have to carefully devise prior as well, because the intention is for it to be tough... but in such a way that the right party could work up a good tempo of success.

So, unless somebody wants to commit to co-DMing it with me (It could be good? Never done such a thing before), by which I mean really commit, it's things I'll have to work out on my own most likely. Suggestions for quirky challenges and opponents are always welcome from anyone however.

EDIT: First post edited with a lot of updated information.

I like the updated post a lot. I would totally be up for this! And you have to be paragon at least, because , really... how else could I be the Undertaker?


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