World of Farland

A world conquered by evil and ruled by the Lords of Sin; A unique campaign setting designed to be used with all editions of D&D.

Check out our World of Farland PDF publications!

Check out our World of Farland PDF publications!

The fans demanded it, so we delivered! Now you can download digital books so that you have all of your Farland content in one place, accessible at your fingertips even when you aren't online. Plus, our new publications contain exclusive content not available on the website! You can get the World of Farland Players Guide at DriveThruRPG here; it contains original Farland races, class options, background and customization material, equipment, spells, a players' map, and more!

Plus, the World of Farland Gamemasters Handbook and World of Farland Campaign Setting compendium are coming soon. The Gamemasters Handbook will contain all of the rules you need to GM in the World of Farland, such as monsters, injuries, magic items, NPCs, secrets of the World, and more. The setting compendium will contain details about the world, including geography, populations of peoples, history, pantheon, maps, and more. Keep your eye out for these!

The World of Farland Game Master's Handbook has been published. Woot! It is available here:

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