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Tales of the Sword Coast

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Tales of the Sword Coast

Tales of the Sword Coast - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) and clones - Forgotten Realms

Marooned on a barren isleÖ

The island of
Viledel, the mighty Sea King, was sacked by a
pirate army 60 years ago. Its destruction was so complete that even the location of the island was lost and forgotten. Despite the rumors of immense treasures still hidden in the ruined stronghold, no one ever found the Sea Kingís island again.

Until now. Through a cruel twist of fate, a small band of unwilling adventurers is washed ashore on a small, barren island, and discovers what remains of Viledelís settlement. But they arenít alone;
marauding orcs and goblins have found the island, too, and are frantically searching for the lost hoard. In this desperate treasure hunt, the real payoff may be survival.

-Treasure Hunt by Aaron Allston

DetailsThis is a game for the Forgotten Realms setting.
Posting Rate: 2 - 3 posts per week.
Recruiting: 3 - 5 players.
Ad Closes: 05/20
Game Starts: 05/24 (Memorial Weekend)
Character Generation is

Game Description:

Tales of the Sword Coast starts here.

Kneel before Zod.
I hope you are getting enough publicity for this game as you would like and enough applications.

Love me some classic Forgotten realms Zod. Takes me back. Will give the game thread a look and get an app up for review.

Would you be willing to accept someone new to AD&D

Someone new would do fine with a warrior class or a thief. Familiarity with the Forgotten Realms would be helpful for a back story.

No sorry 1 week left, my time proficiency check failed


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