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The Thunderbolts

Marvel's the Thunderbolts - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds 3e

"He's consolidating power in Russia. His name is Arkady Gregorivich Rossovich, but he's calling himself Omega Red. He was a Hydra prisoner during World War 2. Captain America had a confrontation with him during the war and Arkady escaped. Russia has had him in a cryogenic facility ever since but luck gave him a break. Most of those running the facility were Snapped away, the system failed and he got free. Now he's resuming his coup." The main speaking General Ross, formerly in charge of enforcing the Sakovian Accords.

His audience? The President of the United States and his cabinet. It was a completely different group of men than it had been a year ago, before the Snap. Thanos had taken most of America's leaders but the system was designed to recover from catastrophes such as this. It was a weaker cabinet though than it had been a year ago. This man hadn't been elected president and he wasn't as qualified. That alone is what made Ross think his plan could work.

He clicked the remote, changing the slide to an older Chinese man with long hair. "He calls himself the Mandarin, the real one. He's been collecting alien technology, keeping himself under the radar. Now most of his rivals are either dead or on the bench and he has a dragon."

"General Ross, did you say a dragon?" Asked the president, a little surprised. Ross clicked the remote, switching the slide to a picture of a very real Chinese dragon.

"A dragon, Mr. President." He clicked the remote again. "Baron Helmut Zemo. Remember him? He engineered a struggle between the Avengers that lead to this mess to begin with. He's free and sources imply he's looking to finish the job. I've never been a fan of the Avengers but his plans usually have a lot of collateral damage involved." he clicked the remote again. "Adrian Toomes, recently escaped from prison." Click. Click.

Finally the president put a stop to the presentation. "Okay, General Ross, I think your point has been made. We have a lot of problems and not many solutions. I trust you have a proposal."

Ross took a deep breath.

PL: 12
PP: 180
Players Needed: 5-6 (Read as: probably but 5 but if I get six amazing apps, I may have to take 6 to save myself the stress of deciding.)
Power Limitations: Specifically, I will not allow any power with the Variable effect or meta-morphs. Further, I will not specifically bar many powers but will agree to judge entire characters, not specific powers. What may be perfectly fine on one character may also be unacceptable on other characters. Example: Wolverine regeneration through extreme damage is probably okay, it's his thing. Storm regenerating on the same level will just not be allowed. You can be strong, you cannot be an unstoppable god. A good rule of thumb would be to NOT try to break the game.

Post Rate: Generally, 3 posts a week. This is slower than I usually expect people to post but still fast enough to make for a steady moving game. However, throwaway posts will get old quickly so try to make sure your posts are meaningful somehow.

What I look for in a player: Initiative! The best stories are the emergent stories that just happen because one player did something and another player reacted to it. In a perfect world, I'd see entire scenes play out with minimal GM involvement as it means the players are capable of engaging each other. Second, you should be more interested in enjoying a story rather than just throwing dice and crunching your way through things. I'm a very RP heavy GM, even in my more dicey games.

Application process: There is a sub-forum for applications. I strongly recommend you post concepts before you jump onto the numbers. I'd hate for us to discover some issue with your concept after you spent the time doing all the numbers. I'll try to weigh in on the core ideas quickly so you can move on. You CAN get into the meat right away if you want though.

I will not even acknowledge an application that is just crunch.

Applications Here
Conversations Here
House Rules Here(This thread will shortly be moved into this game as well. Just note the hit point and initiative rules)

Game Description:

With half the universe's population gone in a moment, Earth tries to regain equilibrium. In desperation, General Ross forms a new team consisting of super villains, promising them freedom in exchange for their service in putting out the fires of chaos across the world.

Meanwhile, an old threat still lingers and is using this opportunity to resurface. Half of it's heads were snapped out of existence but many more have grown to replace them...

"Why are entire years strewn on the cutting room floor of memory when single frames of one magic night, forever flicker in close-up on the 3D Imax of my mind" RIP Jonathan Larson 19601996

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That is one fantastic introduction, @GM Saint. The story is set, the stakes are high, and it's calling to the fond memories we all have. The ideas are all flooding to my head right now so I'm going to get right to work.

I wanted to give you props for grasping interesting like that.


I have never played M&M before, though I have built characters for games that didn't lift off. If you're fine with a total noob, this has my interest.

Very cool to see this start to take flight from the planning thread, excited to see what turns out.

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