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Posting Rates in Play-by-Post

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What's your ideal posting rate?
I actually can't do play-by-post. Too slow. Live sessions, in person or online, only. 1 1.61%
Multiple, relevant posts a day. Blazing fast! 7 11.29%
One, relevant post a day. 23 37.10%
Every other day, slow but steady. 24 38.71%
A post every three (3) days. 16 25.81%
A post a week is enough for me. 8 12.90%
Not so concerned about posting rate. Slow or fast, I can keep up and enjoy it. 6 9.68%

Posting Rates in Play-by-Post

Posting Rates in Play-by-Post

So, what's the preferred posting rate for play-by-post games on Myth-Weavers? I've actually lost, multiple players to the posting rate of my games... They either cannot keep up or go away for a while and then can't get back into it.
It's very depressing.
I advertise a posting rate of one-a-day and actually do more myself (currently at 13.51 per day) but can chug along at one-every-day from players. I'm not strict about it. I just don't want the game/story to lag, especially in important combat.
I know in some games, an update every three days or once a week is considered normal but I can't imagine playing at that rate.
I guess I think of someone waking up and playing a little D&D online while they sip their coffee before going to work and perhaps coming home to see how the combat has progressed and repeating the whole process the next day.
What about you guys? What's too fast? Too slow? Other preferences? Ideas.

Preferred Rate Vs Reality sadly rarely ever seem to line up for most my games.

1+ Posts a day from everyone is a pipe dream. I'm in my 30s, married, a job, and numerous other responsibilities. Even I cant also maintain it. I generally try to keep it at 1 every other day. But if my players arent posting, some times I cant even justify it.

Discord has proven to be a fantastic tool to help the situation, especially if you can get your whole group on board. Far easier to poke at people, or for them to toss out basically the equivalent of a text message on the Discord app, compared to navigating the website and trying to post on a forum. They can atleast let you know why they cant post, or when to expect something, compared to waiting for days in the dark.

Going by your poll options, a GM who expects any given options can anticipate getting at least one option below it, if not two.

I was once kicked out of a game for not following the GM's strict one post a day rule. I will admit that he signposted it very clearly, but it should also be said that the GM ragequit the site after having to kick and re-recruit half a dozen players in the first two weeks due to that rule.

Every other day is arguably the most realistic posting rate. One relevant post a day won't work when there's only one relevant thing to post about and then timezones happen, making the one guy with the onus of pushing things forward post 12 hours skewed from everyone else. But you should expect about one or two posts a week.

Your thought process is almost right, but once you throw in stuff like kids & family, "I had to stay an extra hour", not everyone having morning time to post before work, chores, errands, and dozens of other possible confounding factors, you gotta slow down just a bit.
There're some people who can't post weekdays. There're some who never post weekends. Temper your expectations and they will usually be met.

Question. Are you talking about the GM posting rate? Or a collective posting? If the GM is posting once per day and also expecting the players to do so, that is a goal that is near impossible unless you get really lucky or you've invited a group of players you know already. I enjoy a game that has more than one relevant post per day, by anyone.

I have a posting rate of almost 12/day, but because of the slow pace of PbP, that is a result of playing in multiple games to satisfy my love of the game. If I was in a game that required everyone to post every day, I would have to drop several games to pay attention to that one, and to do that, it better be a damn good game.

Real life makes it hard. Sometimes I'm just too tired to post at night and I crash, among other things.

Per game? I strive for 1+ per day. The more the better, however that doesn't always happen. As any PbPer knows.

As a GM and as a Player, my ideal is 1 post per day.

It never plays out that nicely. However, I strive to get one post a week, if there's something to post/respond to. Sometimes, I've got nothing to say (and if I realized this, I'll mention it in the OOC). Sometimes I'm horribly distracted by other priorities. Most of the time I'm just plain ol' distracted by general ADD-ness.

And then there's the anxiety for not posting often enough... I do my best to fight that one off.

I agree with Arcane - Discord can help a lot. It's not the perfect solution, but it can make a difference when everyone is online on a regular basis. Next game I start, I'm going to insist people be on discord...

I am pretty much never not here; catch me when I'm looking and I'm good for multiple posts per hour, assuming I have something relevant to respond to. I get fidgety and bored when it's not my turn anywhere.

Consequently I always tell people in the games I'm in not to judge posting rate relative to me; I'm crazy.

The obvious answer is that it depends on the GM, players, and game. About 5 years ago I posted every day, big posts too, and expected my players to try and do the same. Now, with many more personal and professional obligations, this is no longer realistic - 1-3 times per week is more feasible.

I wish people would focus less on posting rate and more on post contents, though. I've seen games where people post daily or more, but to me they are boring as heck when the posts are one-liners and/or do not push the plot forward. Not surprisingly, these games are the ones that often die soon after.

One day requirements always seem to crash and burn rather quickly. If the players maintain the posting rate, then the GM always seems to get overwhelmed


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