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Agreed. He's just too damn good not to have. The fear of him forces Mages to hold onto their Polymorphs and Shamans to hold onto their Hexes.

Cool, cool. I would recommend reading a beginners guide from someone. Regis kilbin hearthstone I like a lot, i would think he has one. A few tips. Don't craft anything. Play in Practice mode or Casual all the classes until you get all the basic cards for them all. Open all the packs you get rather than craft anything. You start with mage. Play all the classes, again, until you get all their basic cards. Then, after that, Mage can be pretty good on a budget. So can Hunter. Don't be afraid of Standard (standard is your friend when you start, wild is wild, folks will have even stronger stuff there. Don't be afraid of standard ranked after you have all the basic cards for eachieving class and have opeed a few packs. Like after you have a legendary or two and feel sort of solid in how to play. Rank 25 to 20 can be less hard than some u face in casual.

Mostly, enjoy. Win or lose and what class you play doesn't Define you. It's a game. If you can enjoy a loss. And chuckle, sometimes, when you get whupped. I get whupped plenty. That's great. Also. Don't be surprised if you get mad at times. I sure have.

Also. Please consider not dis enchanting any card for a long while. I thought I'd never play certain cases or styes. I used to disenchant all non mage cards. (I now play at least a bit of all classes) Would craft commons. ( that you'll get in packs ) etc. Lastly, feel free to ignore all advice and do whatever you want, play however you want and learn or not learn however you want. Cheers!

Witchslasher correct as usual re nerfs timing. After this weekend, qualifiers. Planned for Monday the 18th.

Lost to a quest rogue. Makes sense. Meta has slowed, nerfs will slow it more. Answers jade druid. Longer game, needing to play one more flame elemental isn't hard. Blah


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