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Reboots we actually need and want

Well, Mechwarrior started off as the RPG spinoff of the FASA Battletech miniatures game. I played the latter but only heard second hand of the former. No doubt there was lots of cross pollination, but most of the early mechs were not Japanese inspired while many of the later books had more humanoid looking mechs. Even some with 'melee weapons' though I recall the Battletech books I had mocking the idea even while they statted them out. I think there was probably a cultural divide within the FASA ranks, but that's just offhand speculation. I haven't read much on it in decades. Just googling it, it seems contentious because apparently they had to make a Battletech RPG to go along side the Mechwarrior RPG, but it was the same book with a different cover? Or something?

I don't know. Just more Robotjox, please.

Originally Posted by Penchant View Post
I don't know. Just more Robotjox, please.
I can get behind that.

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I like the idea of Damien wayne, but not him in practice. He's way too young and broody to be a good hero, he's the exact opposite of what a good hero is, and fits all the archetypes of what a terrible super hero is; unrealistically young, overly broody and dark, and secretly evil. The kind of overly annoying, whiny super heroes that are overdone and insanely cringey that seem to be so common these days. It seems like they take brooding and annoying and use that to replace good writing these days.

Maybe a version where he's much older would work better, and Batman, who's like 45 now, had a kid when he was like 27, like really early on, so he's at least 18. 14-16 would also be more reasonable, but still put him at much younger than desired. That would be more interesting too since he was in the background the whole time and Batman didn't know about him, which would make the reveal all that more shocking and make him feel betrayed even more by the league. He also is trained to be Batman's replacement, so it makes sense that Batman would only have him revealed to him when he's much older. Batman at 45 is still strong and fit, but by 50 will likely start aging and be looking to retire, and possibly a replacement, and thus would be more open to an idea like this. It's not like Batman will last much longer than 55 as a super hero, especially given how many times he was injured before and how physical his activities are.

It would also make sense if he wasn't evil, like he wasn't willing to kill on an even greater level than Batman, since that's what Batman does and they wanted a replica. Perhaps he's so much of a boyscout it's annoying, and then maybe he starts being more human and blending in with society and even becomes his own hero.
The problem, again, with Damien, is everyone seems to want his development up front, rather then give him time and let him develop.

And in the above, you want the name Damien Wayne, and literally nothing else from the sound of it. I get too much of that on the CW already.

Let him start out, let his Antics play out early for the BS stuff, including killing a SINGLE bad guy on his first outing. Someone Charismatic so that the audience doesn't want him to die, but shown on screen to be bad enough that an argument could be made for just dealing with them and having done with it.

The thing with Damien is that out of all of the Batfamily, he desperately needed an extended family who gave a crap about him at a human level, AND were willing and able to yank him up short or slap him down when needed, more then any of the others. He got it, and when he had it plus the time it needed to work, he came out an OK character.

He's snarky, but less so then Oracle or Nightwing frequently are. He's talented, but he get's that he's got a LOT of screw ups to make up for. He's got an ego but it's not anything like out of control, and he sees value in people that doesn't' extend to pushing them about the chess board. He still doesn't much like Tim Drake, but he's outright warm to Nightwing and Stephanie Brown, and has rather a soft spot still for Cassandra Cain. And Drake he can at least respect.

You could move the character on his own from the point A to point B with a sharp writer in a season. One and a half at most.

If the family ties to Grampa are too much, throw him and his Mom double crossing him in as part of it early on and close that door firmly.


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