tiger007tbb greets you all

Hello everyone, i am tiger007tbb. What does your name mean? An animal, something to do with james bond, and random letters like wtf??? No worries, ill explain. Tiger 007 was the code name for a german ww2 panzer commander. Infact, he is the most decorated tank commander in all of history. tbb stands for "the black baron, which was his nickname. Now with that being said, no im not a neo nazi or a racist or support hitler. I am a gun nut and a history fan of war. I came up with this name a few years ago while trying to create a username for world of tanks. The best tank commander in history seemed like a mighty fine fit so ive stuck with it since. So there ya have it, why my name is what it is. Ive played many other games with many other names such as lightning24m aka the lord of light while playing lords mobile. Ive been sir jay the fearsome in nationstates. Ive been a couple other names here and there, but those were years ago.