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tiger007tbb and the rise of rpg

tiger007tbb and the rise of rpg

As a kid, i grew up in the woods in the middle of nowhere. Played cowboys ans indians and imaginary wars with sticks and pinecones as grenades. Then my first computer came and the rules of imagination changed. Civilization 4 was my building block, my foundation. Then came a friend of mine was playing skyrim and couldnt figure out how to pass a puzzle in a dwarfs keep so i ended up solving it and then got the game myself. Introduced to fallout by another buddy and things very similar but in a post apocalyptic world instead of slaying dragons. I felt really dumb when i realized thst both games were made by bethesda. Weird how i liked the brotherhood in skyrim and BoS in fallout haha
Anyway. Hard times came and technology became a luxury compared to the bills of adulthood. So i looked into pathfinder as a cheap, more traditional means of gaming and here i am now.

Pathfinder is cheap???

Welcome aboard! Hope you find some community here and have some fun along the way.

I mean, I've never spent a cent on it what with the SRD and a lack of interest in supplementary materials and APs. Seems pretty cheap to me, that way!

Welcome, Tibber007tg.

well that is true, they do make it inexpensive that way....

alright you've beaten me down. comment recinded

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