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Faced 3 shudderwoks in a row at rank 9. Seems people may have found a list with no chance of failing. They all worked. Even freeze or Exodia mage had a counter other than aggro. Could use whatever secret eater was standard legal at the time and have a good chance. This meta would be so, so great if Saronite Chain Gang just said "summon a sauronit chain gang minion with the same stats as this minion". Or something. Brode was right to be worried in his interview with Kotaku. So sad to have shudderwok as a blemish on this otherwise very enjoyable standard meta.

I disagree entirely about the standard meta being at all enjoyable. It's been awful, by far the worst standard meta since freeze mage was the go to in terms of the sheer boredom factor. Dozens of matches in a row of some form of aggro, usually paladin, and if not that it's either shudderwock, even shaman, or taunt druid the vast majority of the time. If this is what constitutes an enjoyable standard, I'll take wild any day.

Sorry to hear for you. I can understand the frustration. I guess since I'm running double geist and dbl polymorph and dbl gluttonous ooze and love to face a non aggro druid I enjoy those matchups. I do lose to aggro plenty. But have enough board clears to feel I had a chance or "almost" might could have won. Even when maybe I really never had a chance. But arcane Artificer and dk jaina and dragons fury, etc can pull out some wins vs aggro. Though mooneater pali is ... yuck and so rare for me to win but thankfully I don't see it a ton.

And as soon as I see it's even shaman I sincerely emote "Thank you!" And smile. Even if they proceed to run me over. (I've won some vs even, aggro shaman.) For them not playing shudderwok.

Hope things get and feel better for you with next set my friend.

I've been stuck around 9-10 awhile now, and will have to switch to the omnipresent aggro Pally to get any headway against the sea of Shudderwocky.

Makes sense. Dangit. I'll probably see more of that aggro paladin. Hmmm... might be back to warlock for me.

Very ready for next set. And hope for some way to at least try to counter shudderwok.

End the night actually beating a shudderwok. One win out of felt like a dozen matches against em. Did well vs other stuff and climbed a bit to 8. Was able to pressure them enough they had to play shudder before grumble.
They could have grumble only return elementals to hand as battlecry. That would also tamp shudder down. Oh well, I'll take a rare win vs a terrible matchup. And keep hope alive for next set. While enjoying quite a bit in this standard meta.

I like this new Brawl. Vs computer - Ragnoros and a pal. And that you get the free pack even if don't win. I had an aggro type deck at first and lost but did like 30 dmg. Still got pack. Beat it on 2nd attempt with a non aggro, more value deck (3rd attempt overall). Good stuff. (No 2nd pack, just was fun.) Thanks Blizz

Nope. Just the one free pack. That looks like you get in first game. Win or lose. Maybe if you concede right off bat in 1st game you won't get it. But perhaps it works like Friend Challenge, normally 80g, Quest. If participate for a while will get it, whether win or not.

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