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About halfway through Luke Cage thus far and I've been loving it. One of the major problems I had with Jessica Jones was that the titular character and her supporting cast were pretty aggravating to deal with, but thus far I've found myself enjoying the performances of pretty much everyone involved. Luke is definitely very different from Matt or Jessica, but in a good way. He definitely comes into his own as a character.

I even find myself liking all of the show's antagonists. They're clearly bad guys, but for the most part all of them get really fleshed out and are made to feel like people, with their own passions and hangups and motivations, rather than stock villains. Though the Netflix Marvel shows have been pretty good about that as a general rule, Luke Cage has knocked it out of the park.

I also really like how

I'm just hoping the second half of this season doesn't fall into some of the same pitfalls as Daredevil and Jessica Jones, where the plot kind of meandered a bit. If Luke Cage can stick the landing where the others kind of stumbled in the home stretch, it might wind up being my favorite thus far.

Not as far in, but I just hit episode 4 and its obvious fan service. Yes, Mr. Cage, you do look like a damn fool, and I loved every second of it. God, the 70's were such a "special" era.

Just finished up the last episode. Overall, I I'd rate it leagues beyond Jessica Jones and the second half of Daredevil Season 2. I think I'd put it around Daredevil Season 1, but they both do very different things and have their own strengths and weaknesses (Luke Cage definitely blows all of them out of the water in the music department).

Only one part of this season really felt like an obvious "low point" for me, related to some of the pseudoscience involved, but I think they did a better job of sticking the landing with the ending compared to all the other Netflix series thus far. Definitely a very strong start, and they left plenty of material and plot threads to work with for a potential second season, and for Luke's lead-in to The Defenders.

I was disappointed by Luke Cage. But then again, my tastes are different. I love me a good villain. Fisk in Daredevil season 1, Punisher in season 2. Out of all of these, Killgrave is clearly the best and it's why after watching Cage, Jessica Jones is the best series out of them all.

Anyways, about Luke Cage. What happened? It was doing great, I liked the setup, and it lost its way in the middle only to break even at the end. I wanted some of the heroes to die and the villains to live, that's how much I hated some of these characters. Though Rosario Dawson was great, Luke was lukewarm, and I loved Shades, even if he kinda lost his way in the middle I was rooting for this guy so much.

spoilers for the entire season

Although, there's a cameo near the middle/end that is just perfect. I loved it, best moment and song of the show.

Out of the Marvel shows, this one is easily the lowest. It's competent, but there's so many low points that weighs down the highs.

I am on episode 12 of Luke Cage. So far I'm a fan. I like Daredevil and Jessica Jones also. They all bring something different to the table.

So they're going for The Defenders instead of Marvel Knights?

I haven't started yet, but so far, the comments here leave me feeling optimistic.
Thank you.

Any weakness in Luke Cage's villains or plot is because they stay honest and true to the comics. And they do it well. I can't call that a flaw when so many movies and shows fail so hard conveying the source material.

One of my favorite minor things in Luke Cage is that they repeatedly show Hammer-tech weapons

Originally Posted by WhisperMagellan View Post
I haven't started yet, but so far, the comments here leave me feeling optimistic.
Thank you.
Daredevil Season 1, Jessica Jones S1, Daredevil S2, Luke Cage S1... proper viewing order. the shows do reference each other.

I've watched through episode four, and I am quite enjoying it.

The first big fight scene was not as good as the big fight scenes in the two seasons of Daredevil or in Jessica Jones, but I like the bad guy better than I like Wilson Fisk in the first season of Daredevil.

Sacrilege! Fisk was awesome

Given Crappy Hotel Wi-Fi, I only watched the first episode before deciding to leave the rest for a binge when I'm home in a few days. It's got me very optimistic though. Jessica Jones is not just my favorite Marvel Netflix series, but likely my favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe entry period, and this has a very similar vibe while being its own beast.

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