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GrzegorzGD's pathfinder Character workshop

"Warriors are born. Soilders are trained. Heroes emerge on battlefield"

Toris Flumino
Name: Toris Flumino
Player: GrzegorzGD
Species: Chiss
Career: Soilder
Specializations: Commando/force sensitive emergant
Organization: Imperial Knights/military

Soak Value6Defense0/0Total XP 165
Wounds0/17Strain0/12Available XP 0
Critical Injuries0Encumbrance0/5Force 1
Brawn AgilityIntellectCunningWillpowerPresence
General SkillsCareerRanks
Combat SkillsCareerRanks
Astrogation (Int) No
Brawl (Bra) Yes 1
Athletics (Bra) Yes 2
Gunnery (Agi) No
Charm (Pre) No
Lightsaber (Bra) No
Coercion (Will) No
Melee (Bra) yes 2
Computers (Int) No
Ranged (Heavy) (Agi) Yes 2
Cool (Pre) No 1
Ranged (Light) (Agi) Yes 1
Coordination (Agi) No
Knowledge SkillsCareerRanks
Cybernetics (Int)No
Core Worlds (Int) No
Deception (Cun) No
Education (Int) No
Discipline (Will) Yes 1
Lore (Int)No 1
Leadership (Pre) No
Outer Rim (Int)No
Mechanics (Int)No
Underworld (Int)No
Medicine (Int)Yes
Warfare (Int)Yes 1
Negotiation (Pre) No
Xenology (Int)No
Perception (Cun) Yes 1
Piloting (Planetary) (Agi) No
Piloting (Space) (Agi) No
Resilience (Bra) Yes 1
Skulduggery (Cun)No
Stealth (Agi)No
Streetwise (Cun)No
Survival (Cun)Yes 2
Vigilance (Will)No



Credits: 250

BACKGROUND:Amant'ori'selth was a son of colonist couple. They lived on peaceful planet Exodeen on one of the important hyperway: Hydian Way. Planet was rich, but some people were unhappy about government. Soon separatists emerged. Toris family was one of most influential, and so they became first target. At night assassins entered their house and killed his parents. He and his brother Tethan survived only thanks to brave butler. He sacrificed himself to give boys enough time to run away. After that two boys split up. Toris joined the military and ultimately led assault against insurgency, while his brother became politician. It was thanks to his influences, Toris could quickly rise in ranks to soon get the rank of Lieutenant. Two brothers always support each other. Together they even managed to get their parents brave butler rewarded posthumous medal.
Tethan at the moment run for the chair of colony leader. His main aim is to make people believe in goverment again.
Always best at year, Toris finished academy and then served in
Imperial Commando Forces
ICF under codename
Lightning in chiss. Coming from his precision and lethal power
Flumino for almost three years.
His most memorable mission was raid on the Rebels base. Toris and his squad were dropped into the wilds to find and rescue captured Imperial loyalists. Everything was going according o plan, until one of his teammates was captured. Rebels used him as a meat shield. Trying to escape, only to kill him when he was safe. This showed Toris the truth. Peace comes only from Order, and Order comes from Empire. His sense of duty was strengthened even more.
Rage, that emerged in this situation was the trigger. This very moment was the time he started to show first sings of force-sensitivity. Later on, he joined Imperial Knights Academy. Here he focused on variety of different ways of killing and capturing enemies.
Using his brought intelligence to improve his skills, he soon became better than rest of his group. His only rival and best friend was female human, Xariena. It was obvious to everyone (expect Toris himself), that she feels something for him. He didn’t realize it, until rebel forces attacked the academy. It turned out, that Xariena was just a spy trying to recruit new force for rebellion. When She and others were running, Toris tried to stop them. He was outnumbered and soon they defeated him. When Xariena was asked to shot him, she didn’t do it and just hurried the rest. This was the first time Toris felt something deep since death of his parents. This also made him look a bit different at rebels.
Teachers sees his potential and predict bright future for him. This doesn’t exactly suits Toris. He prefers to fight on the front line and be sure the job is done best way it can. He might not be born leader, but his tactical skills ale very valuable asset for his comrades.

MORALITY: Obligation:
obligation value 5
.To Toris, duty always comes first. No matter what, he follow orders the best and most effective way he can.

STOP THE REBELION Toris believes that galactic needs order in order to be safe and peaceful. Empire is only one strong enough to bring order in variety of different worlds. Serving it, is Toris main goal.
REVENGE Toris secretly spend most of his free time searching for assassins that killed his parents, hoping to get answers about what really happened that night. At the moment, he doesn't have much, but there is always hope
BECOME A FORCE WARRIOR The moment Toris showed sensitivity to force, defined the rest of his life. He wants to improve his understanding of the force and one day master it.

PERSONALITY: Toris is brave, cold minded and calculative. He analizes the batlefield and strike where needed most with deadly precision. His scientific nature impacts his social skills. To most people his cool and silence are repeling. He also doesn't care about this and doesn't intend to change it. Simple soilders aren't expandable recource to him, but more like tool, weapon. And every good soilder keeps his weapon in good condition. Likewise he cares deeply about his team.

Dorandormu Ryuukin
Banished prince of Lotus
Master swordsman || Son of God || Shadow Defender || Dragon Spirit

RyuukinM CG Aasimar ninja
Level 1, Init 4, HP 10, Speed 30ft
AC 18, Touch 14, Flat-footed 14,
Fort 2, Ref 6, Will 0,
BAB 0, CMB +4, CMD 14,
Katana +6 (1d8+1, 18-20/x2)
Kunai +5(2) +4(1) (1d4, x2)
Abilities Str 13, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 16, Wis 11, Cha 17

"War is what shapes Warriors. Destiny is what shapes legends. Kindness is what shapes Heroes"

RACE: Aasimar
CLASS: Ninja
Select either cold iron or silver. You begin play with a masterwork melee weapon made of the material of your choice. You must be proficient with this weapon, and its combined cost cannot exceed 500 gp.
Ancestral weapon |
You gain a +1 trait bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks made within the city. Additionally, you start play with a noble's outfit, a signet ring, and a single additional non-magical item worth no more than 200 gp.
Alabaster Outcast
short version Dorandormu is a distant member of royal family of Nihori, who rejected his legacy to find life on his own. Happily married. After long struggles he found home, but then he was called by the higher force.
He accepted the call and there he is.



i think

Zeus Flumino
God of lightning
A bit crazy || Brilliant warrior || Lawbringer

ZeusZeus Flumino
Aasimar (Archon-Blooded) Kineticist 6 LN
HP 63 / 63 Speed ft Init 4
AC 22 Fort 10 Ref 9 Will 6
CMB +7 BAB 4
Electric blast +8 (3d6+2 electric, 20/x2)
Spear +1 +8 (1d8+4, x3)
Str 16 (3) Dex 18 (4) Con 20 (5)
Wis 18 (4) Int 13 (1) Cha 13 (1)

"Even god can't do everything"

RACE: Aasimar
CLASS: Kineticist
TRAITS: Observant Cosmopolitan
FEATS: Medium armor proficiency, deadly aim, point blank shot
short version Once a noble descant, now self announced god


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i think

Nix Purinae
Frost Prince
Fearsome fighter || master wizard || protector of Ice queen

NixNix Purinae
Male LN Elf Magus (bladebound, kensai)/figther, Level 3, Init 4, HP 30/30, Speed 35
AC 22, Touch 18, Flat-footed 18, CMD 22, Fort 5, Ref 5, Will 5, CMB +7, Base Attack Bonus 3
+1 Hearth of Winter (-) +9 (1d8+5, 19-20/x2)
Mithral chain shirt (+4 Armor, +4 Dex, +4 Misc)
Abilities Str 13, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 19, Wis 10, Cha 7
Condition None

"History is a weapon as dangerous as any other."

CLASS: Magus (bladebound, kensai)/fighter
TRAITS: observant, silent hunter
FEATS: Slashing grace, weapon finesse, ppwer attack, quick draw.
short version Cursed lovers returned with diffrent personalities.


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Computer Master
Wierd alien|| Genius || Cyber Ghost


Gray Mechanic 1 NN
HP 8 / 8 RES 6 / 6 STAM 7 / 7 Speed 25ft Init 5
KAC 15 EAC 13 Fort 3 Ref 3 Will 0 CMB 23 BAB 0
Pulsecaster rifle +2 (1d6 E, -)
Semi-auto pistol, Tactical +2 (1d6p, -)
Str 10 (0) Dex 12 (1) Con 12 (1) Wis 11 (0) Int 20 (5) Cha 9 (-1)
Condition None

"What is space? It’s a collection of multiple junks, rocks and few stars. Nothing special."

RACE: Gray
CLASS: Mechanic
+4 initiative check
Improved initiative
short version Mysterious alien looking for a way out of the station.


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Lunis Visla
master hunter
tactical mind || mandalorian avenger || weaponmaster


Level 1, Init , HP , DR -, Speed
AC, Touch , Flat-footed , CMD , Fort , Ref , Will , CMB , Base Attack Bonus
str dex con
int wis cha
Condition None

"Some wisdom that comes from character"

RACE: Chiss
CLASS: Soilder
short version Lost his family twice. Now stops at nothing to get the job done.


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Dice Roll: 4d6r1v1z 4d6r1v1z 4d6r1v1z 4d6r1v1z 4d6r1v1z 4d6r1v1z
d6 Results: 6, 6, 4 (Total = 16)
d6 Results: 2, 6, 4 (Total = 12)
d6 Results: 5, 5, 6 (Total = 16)
d6 Results: 6, 4, 4 (Total = 14)
d6 Results: 6, 5, 5 (Total = 16)
d6 Results: 4, 5, 2 (Total = 11)
stats (16,12,16,14,16,11)

i think
Work in progress

draconic warrior
boumty hunter || fearless warrior || spirit of law


Level 1, Init +3, HP 12, DR -, Speed 30, fly 30 (avg)
AC 18, Touch 13, Flat-footed 15, CMD , Fort , Ref , Will , CMB , Base Attack Bonus
Abilities Str 16, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 18, Cha 11
Condition None

"Some wisdom that comes from character"

short version Short version of backstory


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