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Thanks. I'll take out Eleks and Leeroy for Zilliax and Auctioneers. And... consider some more early game. though - taking out some control / value / long game decks will be the main plan.

Updated version. 1 for 1. It's Invincible! !!

Beat a control warrior. He had taunts. Boom hero on like turn 8. But Concede after I went Prep, Sprint. And had a 7,7 and 9,9 Pogo out. (2 more in hand). Nice card to have as double golden and make copies of. "Making copies..."

You get a pack, and you get a pack, and you get a pack!

Choose a Champ for at least one pack

Troll effectiveness: 0/10.
Troll Originality: -5/10.

Not even a troll, spammer. Has been handled, resume the Hearthstone discussion.

Thank you sir.

Tried my Pogo Hopper again after meh run with Silence Priest.

vs Bomb Warrior. "Make bunnies not bombs" - could have worked. I had about 3 bunnies to every 1 bomb he put in my deck. But... Dr Boom hero card (still) giving Rush to mechs - is so dumb now. Made sense and wasn't that big a thing with Deathknights, but gracious. Dr Boom 7 drop minion with 6 Rush bomb bots. Silly.

Sigh. I don't love my Silence Priest. But prefer to try to 'gotcha' some decks with it. And it can out minion folks early / mid. Not just Inner Fire 12,12 or 20,20 to win. Even if it's win rate is closer to 1/3 than 1/2. Than try to outvalue stuff.

6 and 3 rogue arena run. Way better than my normal when given a free pass to play. Pretty sure would end 2 and 3 at one point. Fairly aggressive. Lack of high end hurt vs better decks. Jazzed. only thing. Really wanted 5 gold to get rid of the spare 5 I've had a long time. Oh well. I'll take 6 and 3 and still an odd 5 leftover. About to where new packs not worth it. Start saving for next set.


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