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Collaborative GMing

Collaborative GMing

As you might know, there is a thread about large scale PbP, but since it's for D&D, I'm not interested. So, I was wonder if anyone might be interested in a large scale GURPS game.

For a setting, I was thinking of LotR: The Defence of Rhovanion. The game starts in the year 2951, when Sauron re-occupies Dol Guldur. With that, Orcs reappear in Southern Mirkwood and the Vale of the Anduin, especially near Gladden Fields. All of Rhovanion is under pressure from Sauron from the Misty Mountains to the Iron Hills.

For PC races, there are the humans of Dale and Long Lake, the Dwarves of the Lonely Mountain and the Iron Hills, the Elves of Thranduil, the Beornings, and the Woodmen. For enemies, there are orcs, wargs, spiders, trolls and giants.

Would anyone be interested in co-GMing?

This was on my list of things to do when a few other projects cleared up.

Take the same project idea and transplant to GURPS, except, in this case you'd run it as 'many worlds' and the setting would have to be a lot more diverse than an inn. The goal would not be to run LOTR, but anything the GM desired within the scope of the boundaries. There are reasons not to stick to one setting.

I would suggest this looks better in the planning area though. Also if you want I am willing to assist as organizer and help you implement the systems necessary to make this work.

I cannot however, run such a game.

I thought of the many worlds idea but I wanted to start in a well-known setting. It also has a fixed timeline, 68 years if I did my calculations correctly. So, the ending is predetermined.

Switching to many worlds is easy at this stage but it would make collaboration easier (because the diverse settings, the groups are less likely to met) and harder (because of the diversity, time synchronization would be harder to achieve).

The idea of running a static world is really not recommended, evenwith a group tightly knit gms with good communication skills there will be issues with game balance and permanence. Players and gms have to go off the rails at times to keep things interesting, andthat is notgood for a shared non-linear setting.

Each gm must have total control of their universe without the chance it will interfere with anothers if you intend to have gm's that all aren't dedicated around theclock to do nothing but this. Take a lesson from mmos, there is need ofa static environ to keep things balanced and need of non-static environ to keep things interesting.

In other words, this setting is better as a single game. OK, good to know.

That's about right.

Having a bunch of GM's together requires they have separate space to operate in that cannot interact with each other. If you cross that line you're going to have one of two problems, Someone kills the president while the other group is headed to see him to get the magic charm they need to save the world, thereby dooming everyone to be eaten by space harpies, OR, no one can do anything cool and all progress must be logged and approved between GM's ahead of time and never deviate from formula.

As you can see, both models have severe issues. It's not always so drastic as the examples, but you get the idea.

Best just to have a static setting to come together in and a dynamic independent space for each GM.

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