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Wheel of Time Game - GURPS or D20 Saga version

Wheel of Time Game - GURPS or D20 Saga version

Hi Weavers!

Just throwing this out there, I'm new to reading TWOT and I've already reached book 11, close to the end.

I've never seen the game here before and recently I picked up the D20 version of the rulebook, but I see this running just as easily in GURPS.

Anyone keen to explore the Third Age with me? Expect Rand, Mat, Perrin, and others to appear. Cheers.

I didn't finish the series, but its a very enjoyable one. I've tried the d20 version and its.. not great. I've played in a FATE game for WoT once that worked out well. I haven't tried in with GURPS but it might be a good option.

The biggest hurdle with GURPS is going to be setting up the available options to capture the feel of WoT, and that you have to essentially build everything from scratch. The end result would certainly be cool, though.

I've ran WoT d20 - the setting makes for great games, but that system is a bit wonky.

I second @Neopopulas on it working with Fate. I've tooled around with it a bit: take the Channeling rules in the Fate Toolkit, take a look at Freeport Companions Magic system for the aspect plus spell rules and design some that match WoT's weaves. Viola.

GURPS. 110% GURPS. (There is one SW RPG and it needs a fistful of d6.) Also you need the flexibility of GURPS to be able to pull off some of the weird crap Channelers can do. (I still have not been able to duplicate balefire well in any system. I can sort of do it in d20hero but it's hackish at best.) And NO d20 system lets you be both a channeler and a blademaster any kind of well. If you want to follow in the footsteps of any of the iconic characters with their laundry-lists of random skills ("hi, I'm a renowned psychologist who also happens to be a quasi-immortal dark sorcerer") it basically has to be GURPS.

GURPS Thaumatology also includes a modifier for "Switchable Magery" which basically made me go "that's called 'seizing the One Power'" the instant I laid eyes on it.

I'll second GURPS, it's the most flexible system I've ever used. And for a world like WOT (Sorry TWOT just sounds wrong when you look at it), you really need to be able to keep it close mechanically.

But don't think that as the GM you need to do this on your own! If you have that D20 book, it already has some mechanics. Jointly with your potential PC's look at the core abilities and build the GURPS version that everyone has to use.

I'll add in agreement for Gurps on this. I've got the D20 books for TWOT (sorry Fnord, ;-)) and it did as good a job as it could do within the extreme limitations of the system. If I were going to try and run that setting, I would still make use of the D20 books simply because those books do look at the world through a gamers eyes. I'd still use Gurps for the base system.

I'm not familiar with GURPS myself, but Fate is plenty flexible. It can definitely manage mixed characters, depending on how high you dial initial free stunts or as the PC's advance.

I agree about d20, not flexible enough.

I also recommend GURPS.

Not super knowledgeable about wheel of time though...


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