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Wheel of Time Game - GURPS or D20 Saga version

Timeless battle of good-versus-evil in a world where magic is based on channeling the elements (sort of) and (because somebody decided to spite the devil a thousand years ago) men who can use magic go stark staring mad and eventually explode. Also reincarnation is a thing and the more important you are the more likely it is your past lives will play holy hell with your current one.

You know, @SageBahamut brings up the reincarnation aspect of the series. It's not 'focused' on much in the novels, but exploring that angle a bit more deeply could be very interesting.

Back-of-the-envelope math because I felt like it:

The Female version:
Embrace the One Power
Magery X; Switchable, +10%
(Apply "Three Elements: Air, Spirit, Water, -20%" to half of all ranks.)
Detect (Mages); Precise, +100%; Switchable, +10%; Only on Women, -20% [19]

The Male version:
Seize the One Power
Magery X; Switchable, +10%, Temporary Disadvantage: Chronic Pain, -5%
(Apply "Three Elements: Earth, Fire, and Spirit, -20%" to half of all ranks.)
Detect (Mages); Switchable, +10%; Only on Men, -20% [9]
Detect (Mages); Switchable, +10%; Vague, -50%; Only on Women, -20% [4]

Interestingly, this creates as a side effect something that is true in the books: that men tend to have more power overall (it's significantly cheaper), but women have an easier time using it and don't suffer for doing so. If you really want to enhance that effect, add Stable Casting, +40% to the female version; that would make female channelers significantly less likely to have high Magery (since it's very expensive) but it would make what casting they do do smooth and stable, which is in keeping with canon.

Wow, so many positive replies!

I agree that the D20 mechanics aren't as fleshed out as they need to be, and I was indeed leaning towards GURPS. The problem is that I'm not very familiar with GURPS and it will take me awhile to try to build the game. Towards this end, perhaps someone would care to assist me as a GM?

For Balefire, the effect is essentially that it not only destroys what it touches, but also the targets previous states in time. So in effect, if a man was running a horse down a path, if the man is destroyed the horse would be sans a rider for X amount of minutes. In this case I was thinking of defining X the amount of dice being invested into the power. Users can invest dice based on their level and each dice would cost Y amount of FP for something as powerful as balefire.

On the other hand we might go the path where balefire isn't in use at all, as not many individuals know the weave to create Balefire... it would seem weird if anyone besides Rand, the Forsaken, or rare Aes Sedai would know it, and they would justifiably be very reluctant to teach it to others. Just some thoughts of mine.

For the topic of reincarnation, again, this only has happened to the Forsaken or followers of the Dark One, and ta'veren like Rand and Mat. Not common either. It could be used to add flavor, though, like how Tai'sar Manatheren allows some individuals to utter war cries that are forgotten.

Unfortunately I have never used the Fate system, so that's not viable for me.

If I do run a game, at what point of time in the WOT would be good? (SPOILERS for those reading) I was thinking of placing the game either around the time of the Seanchan Forerunner invasion and conquest of Tarabon/Ebou Dar, or the Tar Valon war.

Edit: Nice calculations, @SageBahamut!

That looks like a workable mechanic... but I propose not a temporary disadvantage. Rather, because it's a struggle to seize saidin, male users of the power should always roll a will check to see if they succeed. The penalty of the failure in the books is that the user simply fails to grasp hold of the One Power.

Where Disadvantages come in, however, is in the taint of the Dark One. Constant use of Saidin would result in characters having to roll will checks after the prolonged use of saidin e.g. every 3rd or 5th successful seizing of the One Power, or even every time XP is awarded. Each failure will result in a mental disadvantage gained, at the discretion of the GM or rolled by the GM.

That looks interesting. I'm not familiar with GURPS, as I said, but that looks cool. How hard is it to learn, and what book would I need to pick it up?

Oh I'm not saying anybody should be using balefire; it's basically something I use as a way of stress-testing systems like GURPS or d20hero that claim to be able to do anything. So far I've never found a system that handles it anything but hackishly.

I would pretty much assume that PCs would be ta'veren, or nearly. And it's not just them, it's heroes like Birgitte, too. Granted hers was an especially bizarre case, but still. And then you have wolf brothers, whatever the hell was going on with the girl who saw portent auras, etc. There's a lot of weird crap in WoT. XD

Fate is one of my least favorite of all systems I've ever played. If you don't learn it, I don't feel you would be losing anything.

Sadly I don't remember the timeline well enough.

What do you think of my proposed changes to the saidin mechanic, Sage?

Also, would you care to co-GM this with me? LOL

I like your proposed changes, but I would give the players at least some say in what their mental disadvantages are. (Lews Therin is pretty clearly a high-value phantom voices flaw.) This seems only fair to me since the player is the one responsible for roleplaying that flaw, and they shouldn't have to accept something that is wildly different from what they originally wrote. (Why is a Shy character suddenly going to become Overconfident, or a prudish one develop Compulsive Carousing? Maybe some players would enjoy that sort of thing - especially if Compulsive Carousing comes with memory lapses - but it's not everyone's cup of tea, and to me player agency is the most important thing.)

The reason I stuck Chronic Pain on there was because I remember in some of the books Rand basically never releasing the One Power because it hurt like hell to seize it in the first place. Then again, that could've just been because of the state of his corruption at the time.

"Requires Will roll, -5%" seems fine.

I don't enjoy GM'ing and I don't really trust myself to do it. I would co-GM in a mostly advisory/mechanics writing capacity and maybe in statting/running some NPCs, but I'd rather not have much if any say in the plot or any serious combat. (I've GM'd one combat on the Weave, a softball of an encounter on paper that turned into a TPK.)

Originally Posted by Itzchy View Post
Hi Weavers!

Just throwing this out there, I'm new to reading TWOT and I've already reached book 11, close to the end.

I've never seen the game here before and recently I picked up the D20 version of the rulebook, but I see this running just as easily in GURPS.

Anyone keen to explore the Third Age with me? Expect Rand, Mat, Perrin, and others to appear. Cheers.
Sadly the WoTd20 book isn't that good.

Originally Posted by SageBahamut View Post
I don't enjoy GM'ing and I don't really trust myself to do it. I would co-GM in a mostly advisory/mechanics writing capacity and maybe in statting/running some NPCs, but I'd rather not have much if any say in the plot or any serious combat. (I've GM'd one combat on the Weave, a softball of an encounter on paper that turned into a TPK.)

OK yeah, anyone else?

Jokes aside, you're right for players to choose their disadvantages, but I don't want them picking -5 ones the whole time. Maybe it can be made based on the amount of failures e.g. every 1 dice is -5 disad, up to max -30 disad.


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