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Stepping out of the light...

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Stepping out of the light...

Into the Shadows - Forum

...and into the Shadows. This is going to be a 4A Shadowrun game geared towards the low powered end of things. Players will take the roles of characters who are just taking their first steps into the shadowy underworld of the Sixth World. You are not playing trained and experienced Runners, but people who want to become Runners. There will be a heavy emphasis on social interaction and roleplaying over crunch and mechanics. This is my first time GMing Shadowrun and I'd like to keep it as light and quick paced as I can.

I'm looking for 4-5 players who can keep up a post rate of at least a few times a week, preferably more. Newbie players are welcome. All the character generation details are located in the applicable thread in the game forum.

Game Description:

Everyone's gota start somewhere. You think all those legendary Runners out there just popped out from between their mama's legs with a gun in each hand and a mind to cause mischief? Hell no, they started off just the same as everyone else omae, as complete nobodies. Do you think ol' FastJack new know to slice through the nastiest of IC and do some real wiz shit on the net the first time he ever logged on? Nope. Oh sure it's easier for some; money, security, a good teacher, or just plain old luck and you've gota better than average chance of making it farther faster. The luck is the real kicker. Been lots of poor sods out there over the years with plenty of smarts and determination that never make it past their first run because they get geeked by a lucky shot.

Some do it for prestige, others for the sheer thrill of it. Most do it for the money though. Cold hard nuyen. It's what makes the world go round. It's what makes nobodies into sombodies; what makes sane normal people risk their hoops doing some seriously illegal drek. Everyone's got their reasons, however noble, selfish or even the reverse of that as they might be. The only thing that really matters though, do you have what it takes to not just survive, but also thrive?

I guess we're going to find out. Welcome to the shadows omae.

Posting Status:
I just applied to a high-powered Run, now maybe I'll try for this low-powered one. As I'm still new, I think I'll go with a non-awakened/Matrix character for this... is there room? Or does the team need a decker or mage?

I have both 4e and 5e, and have yet to delve into the shadows save for the games released on steam. If this game will be newbie friendly, I'm all up for taking a dive into the shadows and see how well ol' Street Sword will translate into the actual ruleset itself.

The game should be pretty newbie friendly and as of right now no Hacker characters have been submitted while there have been an abundance of Mages. Also missing is a Face.

To anyone who might still be interested, I do plan on doing running additions to the game to replace drop outs or supplement the team, so feel free to drop in an app if you want.

I'll drop an app tomorrow evening, I need to grab my 4E core from home unfortunately. I'm thinking a Face with a strong gun-bunny secondary.

Think I'll go ahead and start typing up a background for an App. I do love me some Shadowrun!

Is there still room? Game seems to have quite a few people, but if there's a little space please let me know. I promise to be the not-mage in the party.

You can still apply, but the recent influx of apps has covered a lot of roles so it's starting to come to decision time. If you feel comfortable in being able to finish a character in a few days then I'd say have at it. If not, then you can always take your time and maybe join in later.

I’m still going to try to get my wannabe Ork ganger posted!


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