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The Empire needs Aces!

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The Empire needs Aces!

Star Wars : Dextron Sector - Forum
Star Wars Saga - Rebellion Era

I am recruiting to get some space ace action. This is hopefully going to a game of shooting bad guys, sweet maneuvres, cool upgrades and better stories.

Game Description:

Star Wars
War in the Dextron Sector

It has been 17 years since Order 66 wiped out the Jedi after their plot to overthrow the Senate and take power over the Republic for themselves. With the dangers of the Force removed from the galaxy, the Emperor is free to spread his rule of law to all to every corner of space. With the Clone Armies retiring due to age, a new imperial army is being formed.

Deep in the expansion region, the Dextron sector calls for aid, beset on all sides by Rebellion and smugglers and pirates. Home to various worlds, the system had been largely forgotten to the galaxy until this plea for aid. In response, the Imperial Navy has dispatched a small fleet, including an experiment in unit organization.

The brand new 549th TIE squadron will be serving to test and evaluate small unit tactics in long deployment patrols and peace-keeping efforts in the sector, assisting and supporting new local Imperial and PDF forces. These pilots are taken from among the best of the Fleet with combat experience. They go with the blessing of the empire, and the weight of Destiny on their shoulders.

This is going to be a Star Wars Saga edition game. It will be for 4-6 players, each one playing as a TIE pilot in this new unit battling foes primarily in space combat, with sometimes needing to board an enemy ship or if you crash land. This is not meant to be a Dark Side game, but there might be some mortal grey. Sometimes your senors will show the ship full of weapons but they claim and beg to have refugees and your orders will be clear to shoot to kill.

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This seems relevant to my interests, though it will be Monday before I have time to work on an application.

Hello, I have just made and uploaded a character sheet for Star wars, play by post role-playing game. I've created it from the original, Saga rpg core book. I'm super keen, to try out a role-play "play by post" style Star-Wars rpg,

Uploaded it to mythweavers here:

Let me know, when and if I can join in? I can tweak, the character to suit your campaign, and have him retired from one particular faction ie Imperial to join the rebellion if required??

Yeah, sorry I was bad about not closing it once I started the game, and I agree that it is so annoying that people will find games months later and post in the thread and it will shoot to the front and cause confusion.


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