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Alunara: The Reckoning

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Alunara: The Reckoning

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Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Alunara: The Reckoning

Dien while only a city of Medium size, is one that is exceptionally well traveled. Set along the Fire River that travels from the Dragons Breath Bay and Ember Lake in the north, where one of the worlds largest cities Cisea resides, all the way south and through the Purthwood to the metropolise of Coimery. With constant trade traffic, it is a hub of trade in its own right. A stopping point roughly at the half way point of the journey, many have settled and set up shop here to make money on those traveling the river. In addition it is one of the main stopping points from the west to the east of the world.

Even though it has seen extensive traffic of travelers, it has managed to stay relatively small in size. Most of the city's population works the docks along the river, or for the city guard funded by the taxes of sales of goods within the city. With such a fluctuating population, a large standing guard is needed to keep order in the streets and to keep crime to a minimum. In addition to these professions, others will find work as farm hands, farmers, smiths, hunters and caravan guards between Dien and Dreham.

Here is where our story starts. In an average city somewhat near the center of Alunaria. This is where it all begins.


You lay in bed on this particularly muggy and warm mid summers night. Tossing and turning, having tossed the blanket that once covered you to the floor in an attempt to cool off and find some semblance of comfort. The window over your bed is open to the night sky. The street torches have been put out and all is still, except for the occasional patrol from the city guard. Without a single cloud in the sky, and the moon full, the streets are flooded with its cool glow. The stars fill the sky in an uncountable sea of twinkling lights.

The silence, cracked a bit by a distant rumble that stirs you from your fitful sleep. As your eyes adjust to the moonlit room, a heavenly whisper seemingly creeps out from the darkness, and a strange sensation of calm flows throughout your body. A female voice, though like nothing you have ever heard, "My Champion." The only words spoken, before that feeling of presence is gone, leaving you to your thoughts and questions.


This is a SOLO 5th edition D&D game! I will be accepting two applications for two separate games to run along side one another simultaneously. I am looking for good quality writing from those who apply, shown in their backstories and with response in their application to the above initial post.

To apply for the game, navigate to the game forum, read the rules provided in the Character Creation sub-thread, and then submit your application in its own thread within the "Applications" section of the Game forum! I request that you do not make this a private post. Feel free to use any formatting you like, simply provide the required information. No character sheets are needed to be completed until the game starts. If you have any questions, please direct them to the Q&A thread within the Character Creation section of the Game Forum.

Deadline: July 28th 23:59 CST

I look forward to reading everyone's applications!

Game Description:

Alunara is a setting of my own design, conjured from my imagination! A world long without magics of any sort due to the gods that shaped the land and created the peoples and monsters in their own image moving on to other realms, when it suddenly starts to return with no known reason. This is the story of a single adventurer's journey for answers and fight against the rising darkness and the return of the unknown. Will our adventurer survive their travels, or will their name simply be forgotten with the passage of time?

Today you, Tomorrow me.
This seems interesting. I'm gonna take a look at the Character Creation guidelines...

Looks potentially interesting, but I'm waiting to see a question answered before my mind is made up.

I have addressed the questions that have been asked so far, it appears I have been out of the loop for far too long! Thank you for all the awesome questions, keep them coming!

Still hoping to get one in!

I was wondering if everyone else had started private apps or something...


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