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Come Run In The Shadows

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Come Run In The Shadows

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Through a lot of work, sweat, bourbon and discussion, we've hacked together the Shadowrun system using the Dresden Fate Accelerated rule set.

I have 2 players who are currently signed up and interested...and I'm looking for at least 1, if not 2 more people.

Game Description:

I'm looking to modify the Dresden Accelerated version of FATE to make it work in the Shadowrun setting. To that end, I've already started some discussions on one page, and would like to continue them in the game creation section. I'm looking to run this test game with about 3 people who are willing to be flexible while we figure out the quirks in the system.

This is where we're at so far:

Looking at Dresden Accelerated, and the idea of Mantles, I'm thinking we could use Mantles like:

Awakened Mage
Wageslave Wizard
Street Samurai
Shaman of the People

Each of these Mantles would have associated benefits/skills with them.

Then the various races could be Mantles too, so we'd have:


Each of the Race mantles would have certain bonuses and hinderances associated with them, and you'd mix/match them with your "job" Mantle.

e.x. - Elf Awakened Mage, Orc Decker, etc...

We'd probably need to add a Stress track called "Humanity" or something like that, so that Cyberware can be tracked, and how it impacts the user's ability to both use and resist Magic.

Now the Mantles need to be built out, as do the Races. There are some skills that need to be added (Rigging, Decking, Cyberware, etc), but I think that we can make it work.

The gist of the game will be a "basic" Shadowrun game (team of Runners, trying to survive in the Awakened World). If you're interested, please post here, and then we can continue the discussion on the Game's board.

No Physical Adepts?

I haven't played Shadowrun in... Such a long time. So now the rules confuse me. Changing it into Dresden Accelerated could keep the flavor, without all the rest, so I love the idea.

I hadn't worked through what it would take to make a Phys Adept yet. :P It's on my list, but honestly, was a bit lower than the rest of the "classes". I'm open to working on it though.

I thought that DFA was a cleaner system that would retain the flavor of Shadowrun while giving you the flexibility to really craft a story.

I can roll with this. I need to learn mantles and this could be a dope way to do it. @Ttory_Seller What kind of roles need filled?

I have a weird rigger concept that works best not played in actual shadowrun, an over the top street sam, and a Lakota gunslinger adept I could repurpose.... or I could play with magic. I never have in actual SR because of the rules scaring me lol. A narrative game could be perfect to try a magic or decker style of guy. Something I’ve stayed away from prior.

It is pretty different. Like, lots different. Like, no skills, only Approaches, is the biggest thing. There aren't any set spells, or magic items. It's just very different.

You can probably find a guide online, but otherwise I don't know what to say.

Yeah, it's really pretty different. It's much more streamlined, a good deal less broken in the hands of people who really delve in to the system, but it moves faster and is less cumbersome too.

I wouldn't bother changing the name of Essence to anything else--it's an in-world concept, after all. So just keeping a six-point essence Stress Track should be fine, and reducing it based on the things that reduce it in SR (cyberware, vampirism, etc.)

For my part, I think having three sets of mantles you pick from (metatype, Awakened, Mundane) would work. If a person chooses not to take an Awakened mantle, they get a default "mundane" mantle which gives them some other sorta bonus (extra stunts?).

Anyways, I'm willing to apply but I'd want to have some character creation rules right away here!

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