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Chapter 7b - Righting the Ship

Willow Ardent
Willow keeps her hand over Magnus' looking about, "Depending on the spells I select, I can flood our enemies with summoned creatures."

Ara's eyes scan the group as they speak, and she nods intermittently at their words, and alternately at Magnir's.

"I wouldn't put it like that,"
she says in response to Meredith's dismissal of Magnir. "As stated, Sir Hrotthson has done good work here for us, and helped secure our position to even be having this conversation."
"I am so.sorry. that he wasn't able to single-handedly track and map the comings-and-goings of every single individual in the Bane group,"
Ara adds, her tone suddenly sharp and sarcastic.

"Our current information is as follows - the Bane merchants' headquarters is known to us, at least its public face, but I am certain they have another hideout or two in the city. Attacking them at that location could prove quick and effective, but the chance for outside interference and other unseen circumstances makes it a risky proposition."
"We have information about the 2 main heads of the group, and we believe that taking them out first could be a good start. If we can interrogate them for information in the process that would be ideal, but either way removing them makes the whole group weaker."
"Alternately, the supply-chain that Magnir has mapped out may prove a way in, as we could enter under disguise, or perhaps plant something destructive into their imports,"
Ara says, visibly mulling over each option as she proposes it.

"And what has come of your research into the building itself, Magnir?"
the mage asks, turning to the Bard. "You said you'd made a contact within the City Planning Division, that perhaps you could find structural maps of the place to discover an alternate entrance or weakness."
"Do you think such an approach would prove fruitful?"

Meredith turns her sceptical gaze to Ara, clearly not impressed by the current intelligence.

"Is tracking every single Banite infeasible?" she asks. "As of this moment you've still not told us whether we face two or two hundred! I do not ask for every detail of every zealot's life, merely some indication of their strength. Otherwise, this is a fool's errand - and any victory shall be purely by chance alone.

If you cannot provide us with even the basics of the situation, I suggest that that be our first task. Interrogating their leaders certainly seems plausible... so long as you are sure that you have this information, at least, correct."

Magnir Hrotthson
"Can the army consist of Badgers and Bees? It would be swell for the ballad I am currently working on. Would rhyme quite well with some of the parts already within." Magnir said to Willow with a warm smile.

As Ara mentions the plans, you see Magnir grin and put up a finger, moving over to a pack that was resting against the hearth, somewhat hidden in the shadows cast by the flames-he retrieves what looks like to be a fairly aged scroll...very old, and not well taken care of. "Its amazing how people of age are ignored by the newer generations in this area, especially those whom built their complexes and homes all those years ago and passed them on..." Motioning with one hand to the table as he rolls it out for the others to see.

Once rolled can see it was three pieces that had been overlayed one another-and were of as you expected; highly aged. Each one had ink blots from hand scrawling that had dried over time and become dark smears in some areas.

But otherwise each diagram-map was in relative good condition.

"This here is the main building of the complex they call their 'supply house'." you see that it looks like a grain-storehouse, or warehouse from its size that had been fenced in from years ago to keep maybe looters or neer'do'wells from stealing the precious items held within.

"They've made some additions to the place I assure you, but none worth mentioning that pertains to us-at least the top level." He then pulls away the top sheet and reveals a second one. "This is the basement that has been recently expanded to act as more of a military installation of sorts for them." As you can see this page now without the other in the way, there is some new additions on the paper that appeared to have been recently scrawled on-with a very fine focus to detail. "The masonmaster whom explained to me how he would expand-which he knew not, that I knew he was the one whom did the actual expansions-this area gave me great details on to what he would do if he were to make it a habitable place for workers and the like that would need a means to rest after hours of labor..." His voice gets a little sarcastic as you realize he had lied well enough and convinced the architect probably in his guise he was just finding a way to save money. Or some other believable purpose.


"The main thing he overlooked in the addition of these new areas is parts of the old one that had adjoined the original basement to a wineceller and into a house not far away. He was only asked to make an addition with himself and his men, to be honest. So why would he care to look? Especially if it was meant to the books." He then shifts the page away so you can see the last scroll and what was once the blueprints you assume to a house, a wineceller and what looked like a specific room off to the side that was adjoined to something else off page. "A long time ago these two buildings were under the same name-" Motioning to the grainery and then the house. "-Voltoy, a man whom considered himself rich. Married to a woman whom WAS rich. And had a tendency towards hiring prostitutes behind his wifes back."

A little snicker escapes him. "Obviously his wife disagreed with such...endeavors. So he asked for a Wineceller, to partake in his other favorite past time, drinking. She allowed such, on the means he would focus on his fencing, reading and other lordly focuses so as to not appear a lout and fool." You get the feeling he had a very long story explained to him as he sounds a bit exasperated at the last part. "And he also had an addition put on...unknown to his wife. One which gave an easy means for him to partake in both of his favorite past times."

You see him then put the two pages near one another and you see they make a small path between the two. One which lead from what you can only assume was a chamber for the old lord Voltoys 'pleasures' and a hidden corridor to the basement of the grain house. "Within time I was able to gain access to the estate as a prospecting buyer, and confirm the presence of this-the path you now see before you...and traverse it, carefully, to see where it lead. It was fairly annoying dodging the landowner to see, but fruitful."

Nodding his head. "The wall is made of stone, but appears in good order to open with little to no problem, atleast from what I could see through the peephole. The counterweight system also has stood the test of time from what I could inspect. This may be our way in-without their notice, if we so choose to catch-them-with-their-trousers-down." Clearing his throat. "Ofcourse I could not test the door without potentially risking them noticing." He shifts his gaze to Ara a moment before looking to the others, probably expecting her to say something to him snarky by this point-and probably preparing a response in his head all the while.

"I know for certain, without a doubt, that this warehouse is being used by the Banites as one of their main HUBs for everything going in-and-out of the area, even to the extent that I think I saw one of the heads you may be speaking of, Lady Ara." Magnir continues as he nods his head, making the silver accessories in his hair shine again as the firelight bounced off them. "Atleast a head of some type, as I did get to see him-her-it commanding others on the one chance I did get to observe the place for a short period. Not generally worthy of being even mentioned usually, but more than enough as a sidenote to the situation."

Stopping, he shrugs his shoulder. "This is as far as my knowledge goes on the supply-route I have made mention of. As this is where I know most of their stock flows through and back out. Probably not the most important items, but the ones probably in high demand due to high usage of some type..." He waves his hand gently as he is unsure what it exactly was they were moving, and it bothered him obviously not knowing.

Magnir Hrotthson
Looking to Meredith, he waits a moment as he thinks about over the last few days, recalling what he has heard and seen like a personal bible in his head.

"A hundred-head at least, most consisting of hands with no brains. Obviously spread across the city. Or in constant transition." He says after a few seconds longer. "That is my educated guess. Most of them are though at most initiates in their cult, the power is centralized in the few, as how these zealots work."

Meredith sniffs, glad that at least a little information is now being provided but clearly not yet quite convinced as to its reliability, or indeed the skill of Magnir or the rest of the Order in acquiring it.

"You are right about that, at least," she says. "Those within positions of power in institutions such as these prefer to keep it for themselves; their followers are foolish and weak, easily led and manipulated for their masters' gains."

Her face twists in disgust, but the moment is brief before she returns her attention to the matters at hand. Stepping closer to the table she looks at the maps with interest, laying a finger on one of them.

"How large is this?" she asks, tapping the spot representing the basement area. "If this is to be a sleeping-place for their workers, how many may be quartered there? And do their superiors also stay here - in the rooms above, perhaps?"

Lady Cordelia Brightheart

Cordi begins to pace slowly, getting antsy as she fidgets with the handles of her weapons at her hips, "This is the plan though, yes? Kill them all? Destroy their hovel, raise their crops, salt their fields?" She gives a dark laugh, "I'll be taking on the Brightheart legacy in no time."

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Willow Ardent
Willow seems to be growing agitated more and more by Meredith's attitude, "You seem to have an allergy to my friend's hard work on your behalf. If you choose to sniff again, I have a healing technique that will stop it... it's called breaking the nose." She looks around the room, "Thank you, Magnus for providing us with this excellent information at a great risk to your own life and liberty. I for one appreciate everything you've put in on the order's behalf. Now we know approximate numbers, distribution, and have a secret way in. Anything else would be gravy at this point."


6'2" Half Orc with yellow eyes and coarse brown hair.

A hulking brute you would expect bred for war with a large muscled frame and scars that hint of a violent past. Zeek's armor is a dull adamantine banded armor with a large dark baneite cloak over his shoulders. Encased in admantium up to his battle gauntlets and down to the hardy leather boots he wears. His Greatsword is old from the well worn hilt and dark petina within it's engravings, the metal too is undoubtedly adamantium as it's dull sheen matches his armor and a single blood red crystal resides in the center of the base of the blade.

Zeek bears no insignia or markings of allegiance upon his armor, it is plain and not overly polished leaving the appearance of many battle scratches across it's surface. For those who are familiar, Zeek's battledress could easily pass for one belonging to the Black Army.... minus any markings of the Zhentarim.


Zeek's large armored frame wandered over to the table to take a look at the intel unrolled upon the scrolls as he unlocks the chain connecting his gauntlet to his greatsword. The tone in the room did not bother Zeek, his focus and rage would be reserved for the Baneites, he was used to those sowing seeds of discord... however not amongst his allies, normally that was something his enemies would do. The half orc had no interest in joining the discussion centering around Meredith at this time.

"We attack the Baneites operations to create chaos and confusion, weakening them... " Zeek says as he considers the layout and the entry point along with any other entrances and exits of the compound.

"If we can distract our enemy we can divide their efforts to provide a means of escape if the tide of battle turns.. " Zeek mentions as his thoughts shift to consider the security of the group.

"Do we have any Allies here that share our contempt towards the Baneites ?" Zeek asks plainly looking to Magnir and Ara for an answer.

"I'm sure you appreciate everything Master Hrotthson has to offer, girl," Meredith replies scathingly. "I myself will be more content when I see results. For now, I suggest you focus on the matter at hand; with the Banites numbering so many, your spells will have to be put to good use."

She frowns, peering at the map again.

"A surprise attack offers much advantage," she agrees, "but it would be best if we could split their forces. Perhaps time our attack to coincide with one of their own raids?"

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