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Chapter 7b - Righting the Ship

Willow Ardent
Since Meredith seems to be focusing on the business at hand, she lets the catty comment go, "We could do a two pronged attack. I could cover the main entrance with summoned creatures while another party hits them from behind through the secret passage."

Magnir Hrotthson
To Meredith as she asks her question, he closes his eyes and thinks back. "Two to a cart...three to a gade..." Thinking on the words that were relayed to him and the exact number that could possibly be within. "Twelve comfortably, twenty-four head if they double up on the bedding-over and under like at a soldiers barracks." He says with a nod. "There is a high chance that they converted at least one room for someone of import to be on site, doubt they would want that many bespawlers running around without someone to tell them what to do. Probably on the same floor so they can keep up appearances in the actual warehouse if anyone starts snooping."

Turning his head to Cordelia, you can see a broad grin cross the face of Magnir, taking on a wolfish appearance nearly with how toothy it became. "Yes, it is the plan. One way or another, they will be treated with no quarter-exceptions may occur with leadership, but other than that-kill every one of them you can find....essentially. That seems to be our main goal." Clapping his hands together. "Oh how I yearn for the havoc of battle, may inspire a new ballad." That Northland accent slowly comes out again as he speaks, obviously enjoying the idea of a battle-and war with the Banites.

Looking to Willow, he gives her a little smirk and pops his eyebrows before looking to Meredith and not making anymore show of the situation-as it would deteriorate the point of this meeting in the first place.
Now he looks to the large half-orc and nods his head at the mention of allies, that same grin from earlier remaining on his face when he looked at Cordelia, but now at Zeek. "We have one guaranteed ally, and one whom doesn't know he will be an ally-he will when the time is right." Tilting his head to a little to the side as he snickers about the idea he had about getting him on their side. "The first is Lady Varain, she was one of the largest spice dealers-the mind altering type-in this area until the Banites began to bring in and distribute; and they were very clear that she either must give up and align with them-or die. So they are mortal enemies as of current. I have not procured any information from her, but her and her cohorts have shown a great interest in my endeavor against her enemies. Offering assistance if I do find a way to upset the proverbial applecart." Folding his arms he looks down at the maps. "But she is still an asset we cannot fully consider on our side, she and her compatriots probably see a great deal of gain from the Banites being ousted from the area-so its to their gain to see them gone. Her motives I have not fully delved into beyond that, she is known to many in this area as fair with those she makes a bargain with-but its always in her favor."

Waving one hand. "The other is a Paladin of the Just god, by name of Bavvor. He came here under the guise of a mercenary commander with a handful of his fellow knights, searching for the Banites hovel. So far they have been lead off course by all the misinformation they have been spreading, so he is in the countryside searching house to house for them. We can tip him off to their actual locale with proof-I bet we can get him and his knights to do much of the 'distracting' for us with little work."

As Meredith makes a remark in response to Willow, a nearly imperceptible shift of his eyes happens as he looks partially about to say something-then in the interest of the mission, cuts it and nods his head. "There is a lot of options-" Shifting his eyes over to Willow for a moment and then back to the maps he nods. "That would prove very effective I think. Create such a large swallow of things to cause chaos and draw their attention topside while the second group catches them in the back through the path."

A look of irritation flashes across Meredith's face at the mention of a paladin as any ally.

"Hmph... I have come to expect nothing less than such hypocrisy," she says. "As much as these "holy knights" claim to be honourable and true, they seem perfectly happy to engage in a little deception when they believe it may aid them. Perhaps we can arrange for a meeting between these two parties... Do the Banites know of them and where they are, do you think? If they could be enticed to go on the offensive, we could strike their stronghold whilst their main force is attacking this Bavvor."

Her eyes continue to flit over the map as if searching for some extra intelligence there. Alas, there are still many unknowns, but after the long journey any kind of action seems attractive.

"Two dozen is not so many we cannot simply take the place by force," she points out, "Not if they are workers rather than warriors, and we have the element of surprise. Whoever is there to oversee may prove more troublesome but, I think, no cause for concern. However, if this is only one small portion of their force here then they will quickly regroup, and be forewarned of any further attack. Perhaps we can persuade this Lady Varain to order her men against another location at the same time? Timed well, we could wipe out half of them in one swoop."

Magnir Hrotthson
Magnir nods his head at Merediths remark about Paladins and Knights. "They are fools, simply put. They try to put themselves above such things, but it is the way of life. They cannot put themselves above such things, for we are all inherently flawed. And no amount of moral conviction for yourself and what your deity-" His face turns to one of slight disgust at that point. "-represents; does not makes you any better, in truth, it only makes you worse. Reliance on some ephemeral being to dictate how you should behave is beyond silly. You should try to be better without, and be solely rid of the crutch. Else, never will one gain true freedom. Slave to your own weaknesses and something that does not cherish your existence, but willfully would cast it away for its own agenda." Remarking to no one in particular, just speaking his mind it appears.

"It is why I suggested the supply line over the base directly. Considering I knew not our numbers before just a few moments ago-" Motioning with his hand to where the portal had once been and the two compatriots had been left behind. "-it was hard for me to make a good guess as to our strength. And without having direct information on how strong their-literal-stronghold is, I would not idly suggest risking everyones lives to attack it first; especially if its a facade."

Nodding his head. "I believe that having the knight, Bavvor attack what we know as the main base-if we can get him to do so-would be best. And get Lady Varain and her men to hit every spot in the area they know is a place for dealings or that they know of as targets, would be very effective; if we timed our attack as well with it." Motioning with a hand towards the door and past, off in the distance of the room. "Hitting them in so many places at once will force them to either-fully try to retreat, or condense as much of their assets into what we expect is their real base of operations. And moving so many individuals will draw attention, will make figuring out where to hit next far easier I believe."


6'2" Half Orc with yellow eyes and coarse brown hair.

A hulking brute you would expect bred for war with a large muscled frame and scars that hint of a violent past. Zeek's armor is a dull adamantine banded armor with a large dark baneite cloak over his shoulders. Encased in admantium up to his battle gauntlets and down to the hardy leather boots he wears. His Greatsword is old from the well worn hilt and dark petina within it's engravings, the metal too is undoubtedly adamantium as it's dull sheen matches his armor and a single blood red crystal resides in the center of the base of the blade.

Zeek bears no insignia or markings of allegiance upon his armor, it is plain and not overly polished leaving the appearance of many battle scratches across it's surface. For those who are familiar, Zeek's battledress could easily pass for one belonging to the Black Army.... minus any markings of the Zhentarim.


Zeek kept his focus upon the maps as if they were a puzzle yet to reveal their true nature. He listened carefully to what was volunteered and revealed by his allies... and it sounded like a plan was coming together.

"Hmmmm... an all out attack on several fronts to wipe out the Baneites... I like this plan... and with several of Bane's enemies to press the attack, and Willow's summoned creatures... We can be well placed to take out the Baneite leaders... once we find out where they are hiding." Zeek says as he inspects the wide blade of his greatsword...

"... this Baneite priests cloak I am wearing... probably should see what kind of magic it possesses.
May give us an idea of their capabilities.
Zeek adds peering around suspiciously at all the wizards in the room before he removes it from his shoulders and places it upon a chair.

Magnir Hrotthson
Magnir nods his head with Zeeks word. "The thing I find most if Bavvor walks into a trap at the stronghold-it is one less zealot to deal with, and his flapjays." He remarks with a bit of mirth.

His eyes then alight on the cloak as Zeek takes it off, tilting his head as he let it down upon the chair. Eyeing the item closely without moving, his arms going back over his chest as he thinks about this information-a new asset that may be of a great use if it can root out an enemy of worth.

One which he meaned to hopefully take on.

Ahhhhh, a true battle will be exhilarating, instead of the skulking. The thought passing through his mind as he went toe-to-toe with a Sepulcher of Bane...a clash to remember, for certain, if it were to occur.

"That is very useful..." Magnir says softly, the warborn Skald said as he kept his eyes on the cloak.

"The risk with such a plan is that their leaders - the ones we really care about - skulk back into hiding when they see what damage is done," Meredith remarks. "Why not use this Bavvor to draw them out - direct him to their operations, and see how they respond? Once he starts making a nuisance of himself they will no doubt move to remove him completely - that may give us an idea of their strength, and perhaps even be the most unexpected time to attack."

Magnir Hrotthson
Shifting his weight on each foot as he listened to Meredith, he tilted his head back and forth, thinking about her suggestion. "The opposed is also likely, that they retaliate with full force trying to assert their dominance." He then rubs his chin. "Using the Fool would be effective in getting them to reach out and deal with him-maybe not in a timely manner; I do not know if there is a timeframe that we wish to be operating within-but would be one of our safest options for the moment." Nodding his head. "Could give me time also to unveil more information about our prey."

Looking to the others. "And time for all of you to get rest and get the lay of the land, for when things DO catch aflame."

Willow Ardent
Willow smiles, "I need our plan in mind so I know what spells to memorize, then sleep..." She smiles, glancing at Magnus, obviously not thinking about sleep at all. Then she picks up the cloak, casting a quick low-level spell and examines it for a minute with a monocle.

Magnir Hrotthson
"Well ofcourse, sleep-yes, sleep, is needed for a fine adventure the day after." Magnir remarks with a wide grin as he looks at Willow for half a second before turning his attention back on the other three. "Now, to make this clear, I am to act under Lady Ara-and by extension, your command. Unless Lady Ara takes full continence of what my actions are to be."

He then goes silent for a moment, then starts up. "So, in the end, it is Lady Ara-and all of you-" motioning to Willow, Zeek, Meredith and Cordelia. "- whom will make the final decision on the plan we partake in. As stipulated by my contract, my position is to bolster your numbers and provide safehaven for you upon arrival, and provide whatever information I can procure on the cult. Two of those requirements have been met and are ongoing, one has yet to be made use of."

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