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Chapter 7b - Righting the Ship

Willow Ardent
Willow nods, squeezing Magnus' hand which hasn't left her yet, "I will need a lot more bolstering..." She relates what she has identified on the cloak to the group.

Magnir Hrotthson
"I did not exactly mean~thaaaat~but it sure is a pleasant coincidence." Magnir replies as he heard Willow speak and squeeze his hand, obviously he had no issue with public displays of affection; upbringing in the north is a bit less...'refined' than in the rest of Faerun.

If you only gave him a mighty beard and bulging muscles, he would look like the stereotypical tribe-barbarian; not to mention tattoos and an axe to go with.

You know, all the stories they tell children when they are out of line-and some raider will bust in their house, torch everything, steal anything not bolted down, including said children, and do many other morally broken things.

So it could be that. Or considering his garb and persona, may just be he has no sense of decency in that regard due to his natural inclination to not give a flying duck.

Meredith clearly isn't impressed, but chooses not to comment - this time.

"Ultimately, we are here on behalf of the Order," she says in reply to Magnir's pledge. She's glad to have the man placing himself at their disposal and not trying to run the show himself, however. She looks to Ara, as the Order's representative. "If the Order has a preference, we shall do our best to carry it out. However, given recent events, I suggest that we make up our own mind and follow it with commitment; I should not want internal politics to cause us trouble, nor can we afford to waste time waiting for confirmation of every action. Better to ask forgiveness than permission, and better to accomplish something than dally so long we achieve nothing at all."

Willow Ardent
Willow looks thoughtful, "Personally, I'm in favor of the plan with the swiftest, most decisive action."

Magnir Hrotthson
Nodding his head slowly, he motions to the map with his free hand. "I agree-even though my opinion is of little weight-the sooner we take action the better. More time we spend idle, the higher chance our presence is figured out; especially with five-fold the souls in the same household."

After a breath he nods his head. "Keeping our presence unknown may be difficult now due to our numbers, so, time is effectively of the essence, unless none within here leave except I-or take on a guise I have used in the last few days when leaving. And ofcourse when I have not already left in said guise."

Lady Cordelia Brightheart

"Then let us not waste any more time," Cordi says, cracking her knuckles, "I look forward to raiding their fortress, perhaps they will have the artifact I am looking for."

Character Block
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Rage: 0/2
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Essentia: 5/5
Totems (Bound): Girallon Arms (Totem Bound), Totem Avatar, Urskan Greaves (Feet Bound), Wormtail Belt



6'2" Half Orc with yellow eyes and coarse brown hair.

A hulking brute you would expect bred for war with a large muscled frame and scars that hint of a violent past. Zeek's armor is a dull adamantine banded armor with a large dark baneite cloak over his shoulders. Encased in admantium up to his battle gauntlets and down to the hardy leather boots he wears. His Greatsword is old from the well worn hilt and dark petina within it's engravings, the metal too is undoubtedly adamantium as it's dull sheen matches his armor and a single blood red crystal resides in the center of the base of the blade.

Zeek bears no insignia or markings of allegiance upon his armor, it is plain and not overly polished leaving the appearance of many battle scratches across it's surface. For those who are familiar, Zeek's battledress could easily pass for one belonging to the Black Army.... minus any markings of the Zhentarim.


Zeek's armor still smelt like blood from his previous battle, and his breath had a tinge of fermented ale upon it. His heavy armor without his cloak revealed a gruesome beauty in itself being designed in the style one would identify with belonging to the Black Army. Closer inspection reveals skulls moulded into various sections of armor and the twisted images of tormented souls engraved into various sections not readily seen unless focused upon.

"My sword too thirsts for more Baneite blood... today, tommorrow... the next day does not matter to me.
I am ready. Perhaps a meal, some rest and an attack in the wee hours of the night would be appropriate. We'll probably need horses ready afterwards.
Zeek says.

"How long would it take Lady Varain to mobilise her agents, were we to approach her immediately?" Meredith asks. "This Bavvor will no doubt take more effort to manipulate into position."

"We have no other aid available to us at the moment," Ara says in reply to Zeek. "At the moment, we are the reinforcements - or something along those lines."

"I am of the same mind as most of you, to use the Paladin and Spice-merchant as pawns to throw against Bane's forces, but I would dissuade us from splitting our own group. I would send the Fodder and the Fool, as Magnir calls him, to more obvious public locations, while we use the opportunity to sneak in from a third, less-defended location."

"I am unsure of Lady Varain's military strengths,"
Ara replies to Meredith, "So that might take some doing. "However, I think Bavvor may actually prove easier to manipulate - religious zealots rarely see the truth of things, and are easy to set upon a pre-determined path."

"On that, we can most definitely agree." Meredith replies. "So. Let us simply provide him with a little anonymous information, and let him cause what nuisances he may."

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