March 16 - Upgrade Second Attempt - Myth-Weavers


March 16 - Upgrade Second Attempt

March 16 - Upgrade Second Attempt

March 16 - Upgrade Second Attempt

I've made a number of adjustments since the last attempt, and am ready to give the upgrade another go. I'm hopeful we won't run into the same sort of issue as before - under stress testing the new configuration performed 4x better than the existing production system.

On Friday March 16, at 10pm Pacific, Myth-Weavers will be offline for a period that we expect to last 1-2 hours.

To start, I'll run backups of all files and database content, then, I'll swap the configurations to point at the new system.

The following information about the upgrade is copied from the previous thread on the subject:

In order to facilitate continued growth and development of Myth-Weavers, I am preparing to deploy wide-reaching changes to the site's underlying architecture.

Because these changes are primarily architectural in nature, they are mostly invisible to users, with a few exceptions that I have outlined below. These changes are mostly designed to facilitate other pending projects that depend on the infrastructure that will be established.

It is my goal that you will be generally underwhelmed, and that your daily usage of Myth-Weavers does not change significantly due to this round of changes.

Summary of Changes

Account management will primarily take place through .

Signon with Email, Not Username
When logging in to Myth-Weavers, you will need to enter the email associated with the account, not your username.

Email and Password Changes
Email and password changes will no longer happen through the forums, but through signon.. The forum 'Edit Email & Password' button in the forums User CP will link to this page.

Username Changes
Users will have the ability to change their own username, via the Profile tab of the signon settings.

Password Reset
Password resets will no longer happen via the forums login form, but instead will be available from the signon login form.

Social Login
Once you're logged in, if you wish to link and use a Facebook, Twitter, or Google account for login, you may visit your account settings under the 'Social Logins' tab, and use the appropriate link there to associate the account. Once that's done, you can now log in to Myth-Weavers using one of those providers.

Social Registration
While this doesn't affect existing users directly, new visitors to Myth-Weavers will be able to register using a social account.

The Myth-Weavers Wiki will be moved to a subdomain, . URLs pointing to will be redirected to the new location

This is gonna be amazing!

I’ll sacrifice some RAM to the computer god in your honor. Good luck!

Originally Posted by Burning Spear View Post
I fail to see the need for this change?
Rodrigo's response to this question from the other thread was this:

Originally Posted by Rodrigo View Post
I don't want to get into too much technical detail, here. The motivations include but are not limited to, moving authentication & authorization to a system designed to share identity across services, supporting real single sign-on rather than the current cookie/session sharing integrations, breaking a monolithic system into the distinct applications it truly is, supporting separate server and dependency environments for each service (so each can be managed and updated independently, due to impending deprecations or end of life of dependencies), gaining the option of easily integrating new services with existing identities, and, yes, gaining the option to eventually upgrade or dump vBulletin (though opening that can of worms is not on the schedule for this year).

If your question was more to why we're moving to email, it's partially to conform to what most other services use for login, and partially due to the implied transience of username - not only is it easily changeable, but it's more likely to change than your email, in general.


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