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Las Vegas: the Sinful City

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Las Vegas: the Sinful City

Las Vegas :: The Sinful City - Forum
World of Darkness

Hello all,
We have recently decided, by request of players, to expand our game setting to fit all of the Classic World of Darkness venues. The current setting listed is for the VtM side, with other venue main settings to come in the future. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Thanks for checking out the ad, we do appreciate it!!

Game Description:

Las Vegas :: the Sinful City is an open online Role Play community for White Wolf's Classic World of Darkness. With Forums, Character Journals, Setting information, House Rules, Contact information, Java Chat and much much more. All are welcome to join and help us make the chronicle into something worth wild. Thanks all!!

play location: We mainly use Discord (text based, no voice) for play, but there is the option of forums for those that would prefer. Otherwise, the forums will simply be used as a place for CS and history purpose for game play.

accepted game settings: Vampire: the Masquerade, Werewolf: the Apocalypse, Mage: the Ascension, Wraith: the Oblivion, Changeling: the Dreaming, Mummy: the Resurrection, Demon: the Fallen and Kindred of the East.

how to join: Its simple! Come check us out by visiting our website or on Discord. If interested, simply submit a CS following the character creation rules upon our website and the proper core book of your chosen venue. Once approved, you will be moved to your venue role and all good to play. There is no set time frame of play, since everyone lives all over.. so there is nearly play of some sort taking place on the server!

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There is no set limit on how many players we have. We have a good ST team already established. Right now, we have about 39 members, but perhaps roughly half (or less) of them are truly active.

In the vtm character creation thread I noticed that you want primarily sabbat characters, i was just wondering why that was

I suppose it wouldn't hurt to ask, but I figure the answer is No, but is there anything like this for Chronicles of Darkness (nwod 2nd edition) ?

@STARPREDATOR25 - I must have forgotten to update it, but any Sect within VtM is allowed. We started off with things being more Sabbat based, then players started requesting the other Sects.. so we allowed it.

@Serge Skunk - I am not sure if there are any CoD settings, as I have not taken a like to any of those right now. I'm sure there is a few, just locating of them is the next task.


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