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A Quick Dungeon Run, Archetypes for everyone!

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A Quick Dungeon Run, Archetypes for everyone!

A Quick Dungeon Run - Forum

Game Description:

You were minding your own business in a tavern, or a forest, or a temple, or a road, or a boat, or an arena, when you notice an Old Lady approach you from afar. Something about her catches your eye, whether it be the wrinkles aplenty, or the jewelry even more so. She waves her bracelet-covered hand at you and her ring glows.

You are unable to move, talk, or even advert your eyeballs as she reaches up to grab your cheeks, moving your head to stare her in her eyes. You see the ring on her hand much closer now. Resting on her middle finger is a golden band with a spiky top, almost like a crown. A gemstone is sitting in the middle, cut entirely in half longways. The inside pulses at a rate of once per second.

She chuckles.

"I see you noticed my ring. Fancy that, I was just about to send you on an itty bitty quest to retrieve the other half. Succeed, and you will live with a power greater than you could ever imagine. Fail, and you never exist on this plane of reality ever again."

She lets the threat sink in for a few seconds. Whether you wanted to or not, you are now sweating excessively. You want to gasp for breath, but your lungs aren't working properly. You have the strongest urge to run away.

"You and many others will soon find yourself in a dungeon with only 1 exit. You will need to split into groups of four to go down different paths and find my missing ring. This will be hard for you if not impossible, so I will give you the reward now."

Her feet start to glow. The glow steadily moves up her body until it covers her whole body. It suddenly jumps into you through her hand that's on your mouth. A breath of fresh air enters your lungs as this power wells up inside of you.

You have gained a free archetype!

She lets go of your mouth and your body crumbles onto the floor.

"Don't you worry sweetie, I'll be seeing you in 3 weeks. If you don't get the ring by then..."

Everything starts to disappear around you as you start regaining your facilities

"Their won't be a 'you' in three week."

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