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Myth Weavers' Milestones

Originally Posted by manzaj33 View Post
i dont get how this cite works. like with the games section.... it sounds cool but i have no idea how it works.
Welcome to the site, manzaj33! I've sent you a Private Message with some info to help get you started.

Milestone? Nothing on this post.

But I do have to say that in my 7000+ posts, I've enjoyed myself, played D&D, and bucked the 'nerd trend'.

How so? I was pretty popular in college. I run, do pushups, situps, etc. I'm actually a very social person who gets along with a lot of people, owns a house (I.E. doesn't live with his mom), I know nothing about Star Trek, and I have a smoking hot Girlfriend Hell, I NPC'd a Spanish woman for a year and a half only to find a real life Hispanic with her looks, personality, intelligence, etc. Almost a "weird science" moment; but Hammie isn't complaining

And I still love D&D. So don't let the stigma scare you off! You can do what you love, break 'stereotypes', and be more than what someone else thinks gaming makes you out to be. Just enjoy yourself, and those who matter will enjoy you back.

(but wait about a 2 months before you drop the D&D A-bomb on your potential GF/BF )

Originally Posted by Naturax View Post
@SB: That makes me want to go look up the game ad. I want to find my application, too.
EDIT: Whoa whoa whoa. "[the PCs] will be working for one of the Dragonmarked houses, acting as independent agents." This whole time? I had no idea! This changes everything!

A huge milestone came for me yesterday. The players finally discovered the Big Secret of the campaign that I started two years ago on this site. Even though only one of the original five characters is still in the game, it was extremely rewarding to get to this point and know that the game is going as strong as ever.
Chortles :-) Yes, this whole time!

Now I just need to find the time to go play with the Big Secret!

No particular milestone here, just admiring how far this site has come. I remember when this was closed to the public (invite only) as a testing ground for new features for a different site. Amazing how much some things change and some things stay the same.

February Milestones for Gath

In January I turned 31. My forehead gets bigger every day. I am almost out of my recovery center. I have been living in California for about five months now with few major problems. I found a wonderful woman and we fell in love. I reached my 9th year of sobriety without a 12 step program. I have my own studio with one painting on the wall. I went for a full year without online gaming because I was in it way too deep. I had somewhere from twelve to twenty games during my second year of graduate school and I still made it out with a B. I used to think that was worth bragging about, but now I see it as a problem. I am back now to try to moderate this activity and give myself something rewarding. I've been here since the first month the site was made, my member number is something like 47 43. I have 28 referrals and I donated to the site once... I hope you will all understand my sabbatical and welcome me back to this place of holiness and gaming...

Oh, and I wrote a four page background, filled out an online sheet, a pen and paper sheet, bought a full color pack of wet erase markers, pencils and erasers, a mini and a leather binder (which I plan to return) all for a one shot game during my trip to Alaska. Good news! I've still got it! o_@

Gath, welcome back. Seems we've had similar years as far as being away from the site and having real life issues. Plus I'm number 33 so I win there...Anyways, honestly glad to have
Even if you are notorious for killing PCs
someone of your caliber back.

Gath - welcome back! Those are some pretty nifty milestones. Good to see you around again. Particular grats on the woman and especially the sobriety. It's a hard road, and I wish you the best as you travel it. Good on you.

Hey Ithamar! SLG! Good to be back. Getting the hang of the new modifications to the site. Know of any openings in a good game?

Sorry I don't seem to recall you Shannon, but the query about games goes out to anyone.

Shannon is Puffin if that helps. I might be able to put you in one of my games if you want, its only really just started and I lost someone, though you would have a slightly different role.

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