D&D Dissertation Research

So, this isn't a creative project in the traditional sense, as it's part of my academic career. On the other hand, I'm writing about D&D from the perspective of someone who was playing D&D before he was writing essays, so I think it belongs in the category of "requesting community input on a written project."

Iím WhiteKnight777 a long-time forum resident, PbP player, and, more recently, graduate student. Iím now working on a continuation of that project for my dissertation, which investigates the culture of D&D. Right now, Iím looking for D&D players to interview to help expand the scholarly understanding of roleplaying games.

Iím looking for two types of interviewees. All participants must be over 18. My research mandate states that I can only observe and interview consenting adults.

First, Iíd like to observe some game sessions Ė If you live within 3-4 hours drive of Bowling Green, Ohio (Google Map Link), and youíre willing to let me watch you play and take notes. I can't provide any financial compensation (although I'm happy to chip in for snacks and such.) After Iíve observed however many sessions youíre willing to let me watch, I will also want to do individual interviews to ask each player about their experience with the game.

I will not record the game sessions, only take notes. I donít want to mess up anyoneís game by making them feel like theyíre performing for posterity. I would like to do an audio recording of the individual interviews to make the process of analyzing my data easier, but if anyone is uncomfortable with that, I can take notes for that, too.

Second, Iíd also like to get as many individual interviews as I can, asking roughly similar questions, but about your history with D&D in general, rather than about one game in particular. The process for these is a bit simpler. Just let me know when youíve got a good 30-45 minutes free, and we can set up a time for a conversation on skype or the instant messenger of your choice.

Your participation is voluntary, and you can terminate it at any time, or choose not to answer any questions you wish. If you want to participate, or if you have any questions about your participation, please contact me via private message on this site, or at pjcdndresearch@gmail.com. And finally, thank you for your time!