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Personal Art Thread


I haven't posted in a while but I also haven't been doing much that's fit for posting here. I've got a bit of nsfw art but I can't post that here haha

Drawing of my beastbrood tiefling, Kamran Lajani, who I'll be playing in a game here on the Weave!

Working on a calendar series of hunks with baby legendary creatures. Here's one out of 12. This guy may not be April in the end, but I figured I'd put a calendar to help tie it into the final project as I work on the rest.

All of these pictures exist in the context of my webcomic, the Sparrow. It's a myth and folklore-based world full of superheroes! I'm taking a poll for an upcoming Hunks of D&D project I'm making. I'm looking for suggestions to match races to classes, so please take a couple minutes to vote!


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