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Haha, awesome pic! I haven't played LoL but the pic itself is just super cool.. Made me think of a Creeper from Minecraft hehe. If I play LoL, I'm definitely going to go as Amumu!!

Haha, thank you!

Amumu is one of the tanky characters in LoL and one of my absolute favorites. He's a good character to build for defense and he has some pretty scary attacks (a stun, a massive lockdown, and an AoE that does a percentage of enemies' health). He's also so pathetic and sad. He's really one of my favorite characters >->

If you sign up for LoL, let me know! You'd probably enjoy it. I donno if you've ever played a MOBA before (like DotA) but it's basically similar controls to StarCraft, except you are always the Hero unit and never anything else. My friends and I mostly play against bots.

I polished this picture off and put it up for sale at Etsy. You can see the finished version below!
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Don't rely on me, you saw how I flake out on GW2 hehe I do want to get into LoL or DotA 2, it's really overwhelming when you first boot in and don't have a clue what's going on.. I don't even know where to start.

Come play with us! Seriously. The group I play with now are the folks that taught me how to play and they're really good about helping new folks learn.

We play at least a couple matches most evenings now. So seriously, come join us! You will have a blast.

EDIT: Incidentally, "Come play with me!" is a line Amumu says in-game.

Sorry! Fanart Friday is temporarily postponed until next week when I get back from break >->

Though I have a ton of League sketches that should suffice! I just keep forgetting to post them here.

Here we go!

First is Soraka, who is a support character. Lots of healy power. Not the type you rely on to get kills herself, but she is good at helping others land kills.

Second is Hecarim, who is this ghostly centaur thing who gains more attack power based on his movement speed. The easiest way to get movement speed is with boots, but he's got horse hooves so he doesn't understand how to boots!

Third is Kennen, the yordle ninja. Kennen has a giant ninja star and shoots lightning all over. A friend of mine says his full name is "@#$%ing Kennen."

Fourth is one of my new favorite champs, Xerath. He's this mage who transcended into being pure arcane energy but some old people got jealous of him and sealed him into a sarcophagus a long time ago. He's starting to break out and now he blasts enemies from across the map for fun and profit.

You need to come play with us before Amumu goes off the free list! We probably won't be on tonight but likely tomorrow!
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Lookin good! Had a good time playing with you and your crew last night, hopefully I can improve and contribute more hehe.. I'll have to look for some champs that interest me and grab a package so I can practice.. Love Amumu so I'm sticking with him.. Ashe was pretty fun too.. Corky I didn't like, though maybe I was just too tired last night to figure him out..

Anyway, don't wanna hijack your art thread with LoL talk, but more LoL isn't a bad thing.. There's a lot of cool looking characters in that game..

LoL Talk is a great thing The game really does have a lot of dynamic and fun-looking characters. With over 100 champs there's something for everyone. Wow, I am starting to sound like an advertisement.

Sounds like you enjoyed Rammus last night. I've never really seen him in action so it was interesting playing with him.

Here are my most recent warm-up sketches: Wukong and Malzahar from LoL
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