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The Pazio hosted PRD is dead long live AoN

As long as the stuff is still accessible legally, I'm happy. The PRD was useful because it was an easier way to make sure people used mostly setting-neutral content and avoided some of the more obscure sources hanging around out there.

But *shrug* it should probably be fine. I hope. I dream.

I kind of don't blame them. I would not be surprised if d20PFSRD got the lion's share of the attention, and maintaining their own PRD seems kind of silly when they're already pushing into Pathfinder 2.

...the real question is, are they going to host their own PF2 SRD? Or have AoN do that too?

Edit: Oh. Yes, yes it will. Huh. Well there goes that theory.

Originally Posted by Rakle View Post
I always felt that paizo site had the easiest to use list for the mundane equipment & gear (e.g. backpacks).
Yes, when creating new characters, after picking weapons and armor from d20pfsrd I always went over the the gear section of ultimate equipment on the PRD to finish purchasing. No, it didn't have everything but nothing missing was really of much consequence at level 1.

I generally prefer PFSRD anyway because it includes the Dreamscarred material, but the PRD was helpful for games where the GM restricted material to certain books.

It seems weird for Paizo to make a deal with AoN to make it an official partner and then plug that partner's Patreon to support its continued existence. Shouldn't Paizo be the one picking up the tab for AoN now, if they're using it as a way to get out of their commitment to hosting free copies of their rules? It's like if Comcast plugged a Kickstarter to help them build a call center in Bangladesh.

I don't personally see it that way.

AoN is not getting funding from Paizo, from what it sounds like from the AMA on Reddit, but the increase in traffic means more ad-revenue and more sponsors for the Patreon. Although I suspect that Paizo is pitching something in too (likely via Patreon).

Also from what I've gathered, AoN is planning on getting a more complete version of the various rules online, as well as getting the spell section fixed so it loads far faster (as the Starfinder version runs nice and smoothly). Also reference linking in the pages (like pointing to pre-reqs of feats and classes), although it sounds like they're going to be very particular about how they'll go about it.

I can see why d20pf didn't get the offer - they do their own thing via the d20 store, as well as hosting the various 3rd party content.

The reference document is still there (now with a Legacy lable) links included. Any game i run can still run off it. I hope they leave it up, otherwise I don't know what i will do

Always used the old prd and I've gotta say I like the AoN layout more.


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