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Do You Use The Same Character Name In Different RPG Systems

Do You Use The Same Character Name In Different RPG Systems

Hello everybody. I have a question to ask for everyone. Do you use the same character name in different RPG systems? (As in more than one RPG system) For example I use the name Homer Simspons in D&D games, Pathfinder, Starfinder, Vampires, (ust for the record I only use Homer Simpson in D&D games, that was just an example.

i have a list of a dozen or so "cool names" that I'll use if nothing suggests itself.

I frequently recycle names, although they're often associated with certain archetypes once they get to see action. Names are difficult...

I have a few go to names if I cant think of anything setting specific that I like.

I usually try to find new names, but I've recently recycled character concepts with several GMs, and the characters still bear the same names... it can get confusing .

oh, and I do keep themed names regardless of system my Dwarves will have Norse/Germanic names, whatever the system or world (unless the DM requires otherwise, of course)

Generally no. I like to be creative and make new nAmes that fit characters for certain games but yeah, nAmes can be tough. I never use names of real life people or a character like Homer Simpson, he stands alone!
With that said, I’ve had several characters here on MW that I REALLY like but unfortunately their games ended so I’ll reconfigure the character again for another game if he/she fits the setting. No need reinventing the wheel constantly

Generally no. As I am creating a character, part of making that character unique and bringing it to life is giving it a unique name. Otherwise, I am just playing the same character from another game. If the name is the same, I tend to play the character with the same personality, take similar advances.

Now, sometimes I will do that. If I am playing a new system and want to see how a specific character would be built and grow in that system.


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